10 Hottest Female Athletes Ever

Want to know who the 10 hottest female athletes ever are? Well you have come to the right place! Below is a list of the ten hottest female athletes to exist.

  1. Gretchen Bleiler – Gretchen is a 28 year-old snowboarder who has been pro since the ripe age of sixteen. Although Bleiler is very decorated in medals, she has failed to win one in the 2010 Winter Olympics while competing on behalf of USA, but we don't mind. As long as she continues to pose in magazines, we won't hold it against her. She might be the hottest female athlete ever.
  2. Jennie Finch – Jennie Finch. I think everybody knows this name. Jennie is a softball player for Team USA. She led USA to a gold medal in 2004 Summer Olympics, all while doing it with a rocking bod. There's no doubt she is one of the hottest female athletes ever.
  3. Heather Mitts – Heather Mitts is a stunning soccer player. Along with being great looking, she isn't exactly a bad athlete either. Mitts has 2 gold medals in the Olympics. Heather Mitts is the reason that grown men watch women's soccer. She is more than eligible to be considered one of the ten hottest female athletes ever.
  4. Lindsey Vonn – Vonn is more than just eye candy. She is also the first female to ever win a gold medal in downhill skiing, not that that's the reason we were watching her.
  5. Jessica Gysin – Move over May and Walsh, America has a brand new reason to watch women's volleyball! Gysin may be not only the most exquisite USA volleyball player, she might be the most stunning athlete in the entire sport! Gysin is no doubt one of the hottest female athletes ever.
  6. Allison Stokke – Ever wonder what pops up when you type into Google, the hottest athlete? Well now you know. There might not be many pictures of her circulating, but the ones we have seen are more than impressive. Allison is easily one of the ten hottest female athletes ever.
  7. Polish Women's Volleyball Team – It is unethical to mention one of these athletes without mentioning the others. This team gained much popularity at the 2008 Olympics, and although they finished in 10th place, they were by far the most talked about team.
  8. Kristi Leskinen – She might not be a good athlete, but nobody ever said you had to be talented to be considered hot.
  9. Daniela Hantuchova – Move over Maria Sharapova, you are no longer the hottest female tennis player, you are not even a close second. Daniela is a slice of heaven, and that's not even a mild exaggeration. She is the definition of perfect, eyes you can stare into all day, a cute face, a petite body, and amazing legs. Daniela is simply stunning. She is simply a Czechoslovakian princess! no question why she is one of the ten hottest female athletes ever!
  10. Maria Sharapova – Okay, so maybe I made Maria sound not so good on the above entry, but that is not the case. Maria is probably the greatest thing to come out of Russia since they invented Tetris.

So there you have it. The ten hottest female athletes ever. Hopefully you didn't drool on your keyboard too much.

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