10 Hottest Female Gold Medal Winners

Men love sports and men love looking at women, so what’s better than a list of the 10 hottest Olympic gold medal winners of all time? If that’s what makes you happy, you’re in the right place, because when it comes to looking good on the field of play, the ladies on this list are hot enough to melt gold.

  1. Lindsey Vonn. The winner of the women’s downhill competition at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics is a tall, sexy blonde which automatically qualifies Lindsey Vonn for a spot on our list of the ten hottest Olympic gold medalists. Her appearance in the 2010 “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition” clinches it.
  2. Jennie Finch. A tall California blonde, Jennie Finch pitched the 2004 U.S. softball team to an Olympic gold medal in Athens. She also posed in the 2005 “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition” and was named ESPN’s Hottest Female Athlete in 2003, easily making her one of the hottest Olympic gold medalists of all time.
  3. Heather Mitts. If you get a kick out of hot blondes with powerful legs, you’ll love Heather Mitts. The 2-time gold medal soccer player (2004 and 2008) has all the credentials to be on our list of hot Olympic gold medalists: ESPN Hottest Female Athlete of 2004; 2005 “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition”; Pictorials in both “Maxim” and “FHM” magazines.
  4. Amanda Beard. Two words: “Playboy” pictorial. The sexy, 2-time gold medal swimmer from Newport Beach, California appeared nude in the July 2007 issue of “Playboy.” That kind of breast stroke earns Amanda Beard an automatic spot on our list of the hottest Olympic gold medalists of all time.
  5. Katarina Witt. Another Olympic gold medal winner who posed for a “Playboy” spread, Katarina Witt gave men a reason to watch figure skating with their wives. Any list of hot Olympic gold medalists has to include this German beauty.
  6. Stephanie Rice. Blessed with long, dark hair and even longer legs, the Aussie swimmer won three gold medals at the 2008 Beijing games and then appeared in “FHM” magazine. Long, dark hair, long legs, and pictorials in men’s magazines will always add up to “hot.”
  7. Summer Sanders. Every list needs a good girl and, unfortunately, Summer Sanders is one of those. Another swimming babe, the winner of two gold medals at the ’92 Barcelona games turned down an offer to appear in “Playboy” magazine. Despite that, she still earns a spot on our list of the hottest Olympic gold medal winners of all time.
  8. Nastia Liukin. This Russian-born American gymnast won gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Petite, blond and extremely flexible, Nastia Liukin vaults into our list of hottest Olympic gold medal winners and sticks the landing.
  9. Julia Mancuso. She skied to gold at the 2006 Turin Olympics and was named the 2007 “Lange Girl Athlete”, posing provocatively for ads in Lange ski boots and little else. Posing provocatively in ski boots and little else is all it takes for a babe like Julia Mancuso to be on our list of hottest Olympic gold medalists.
  10. Yelena Isinbayeva. Pole vaulting her way to two gold medals (2004 and 2008) for Russia made men take notice of Yelena Isinbayeva’s extremely well-toned body. And any woman with a great body who knows how to handle a pole has got to be on our list of hottest gold medalists.



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