10 Hottest Female Summer Olympic Athletes Ever

Ever wonder who the 10 hottest female summer Olympic athletes ever are? Well, wonder no more! Below is a list of some of the hottest babes to ever play in the summer Olympics.

  1. Jennie Finch. This fast-tossing softball pitcher plays for Team USA and threw for an earned run average under two, but more importantly she looked good doing it. This blonde-haired softball hurler is easily one of the hottest summer Olympic athletes.
  2. Bia and Bianca Feres. This two girls are identical twins, and what could possibly be hotter than twins? Both with dirty-blonde hair, gorgeous eyes and a rocking body, they make our cut of the ten hottest summer Olympic athletes.
  3. Agata Sawicka. Known as "Polish Thunder" in her home country, Agata Sawicka is a member of the much-talked-about women's Polish volleyball team. She may have finished twelfth in the Olympics, but she was first in every guy's mind.
  4. Stephanie Rice. This hot Australian summer Olympic athlete is not only beautiful, she is also talented. She has set two world records in swimming and she is as lovely looking as lovely looking can get.
  5. Alicia Sacramone. Alicia Sacramone is our first gymnast on the list. This hot summer Olympic athlete has been taunting men every time she competes with her devilish eyes and flexibility.
  6. Allison Stokke. Stokke kind of appeared from nowhere. One second she was a no name pole vaulter, the next she was one of the most searched-for females on the internet. Alliston Stokke has that barely-legal look that every man desires.
  7. Libby Trickett. Libby is another Australian summer Olympian who is very sexy. We do not know what we like more, Libby's blonde hair or the eyes that look as if she's staring into your soul.
  8. Lolo Jones. Even her name is pretty. Lolo is a swimmer for team USA and although her boobs may not be huge, the reason she makes this list is that she is so petite. Hard to explain why she is so great looking; she just is.
  9. Juliane Veloso. Juliane is an exotic sexy female summer Olympic athlete. Veloso is a Brazilian swimmer who simply has it going on. Her skin looks perfect and her smile just lights up a room. Brazilian girls simply have the "it" factor.
  10. Francesca Piccinini. Wait, you mean all Italians don't look at ugly as the girls on Jersey Shore? Yep, that is exactly what I am saying. Francesca Piccinini is an Italian volleyball player who has the body of a goddess.
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