10 Hottest Female UFC Fighters

Unfortunately, there is not a women's weight class in the UFC at this point in time, but if there were these would be the ten hottest female UFC fighters. Don't get discouraged though, there are some amazingly hot women who fight professionally within the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) that may be exactly the answer you are looking for. So without further adieu, here are the top ten hottest female MMA fighters.

  1. Michelle 'Karate Hottie' Waterson. Absolutely smoking body, pretty little face, absolute perfection. Ladies please try not to cut her gorgeous face in the cage. She is also more than just a pretty face, she is clearly the best choice for the number one spot in the top ten hottest female MMA fighters. 
  2. Gina 'Conviction' Carano. She is arguably one of the most famous female MMA fighters in the world, and not without good reason. Along with being absolutely drop-dead-gorgeous, she is clearly one one of the most dangerous out of the top ten hottest female MMA fighters.
  3. Kyra Gracie. You read that right, Gracie. Not only would you have to deal with her if you hurt her, but you would have to deal with the whole Gracie family who are responsible for what the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is today. A native to Brazil, but lives and trains in the U.S. 
  4. Miesha Tate. Wow, what a beautiful powerhouse. 
  5. Kerry Vera. The wife of UFC great, Brandon Vera has had quite the start to her professional MMA career, including a win against fellow top ten nominee Kim Couture. The funny thing about that fight was that shortly before the wives went at it in the octagon, their husbands battled it out and Randy Couture came out victorious. In the case of the women, well payback was served and Kerry Vera earned the win.
  6. Julie 'Fireball' Kedzie. This bombshell holds an impressive professional record as well.
  7. Leiticia Pestova. Although she has a terrible record, what she lacks in victories, she makes up with her looks. Her claim to fame in a way came from being the first fight and victory for Gina 'Conviction' Carano. She was knocked out by the beauty and has not done much else since. 
  8. Kim 'Sugar Free' Couture. Yes, Couture, as in the very beautiful wife of UFC hall-of-famer, Randy 'The Natural' Couture.  Her record doesn't quite shout impressive just yet, but you all know that her future in the sport looks very bright, especially considering who she has in the gym and in her corner come fight night.
  9. Molly Helsel.  She possesses some very technical skills that set the bar high for the future of women's MMA. She definitely throws the stigma out the window that women's MMA is just placed into events for the attraction of watching hot girls roll around together in the cage. She truly has a love and passion for the sport and is strong force in the sport aside from her beauty.
  10. Debi 'Whiplash' Purcell. Although she doesn't have much experience yet, she is still a force to be reckoned with in the octagon.
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