10 Hottest Fitness Models

When detailing the 10 hottest fitness models in the world the difficulty in the task wasn't finding 10 hot fitness models but rather finding just 10. It was difficult work but we were happy to slog through the numerous photos and bios in order to pare down the list.  

  1. Dianna Dahlgren. Dahlgren is still in her early 20's but has already appeared on many different magazine covers such as "Women's Health" and has won many fitness competitions. Her star is bright and her hotness is undeniable.
  2. Jelena Abbou. Born in Serbia, she has appeared on several magazine covers such as "FLEX" and "Muscle & Fitness." She has also pitched fitness products such as the Ab Coaster and non fitness products such as her work with Sony.
  3. Kristal Marshall. Marshall began her career as a WWE Diva but has branched out into the bikini modeling world as she recently won the 2009 USA Bikini Championships. She is also the mother of Bobby Lashley's son so she dabbles in quite a few different superhot areas.
  4. Jennifer Nicole Lee. Jennifer Nicole Lee isn't just a model, she's also a reclamation project. Reportedly to have once weighed in at 200 pounds, this mother of two decided to dedicate her life to fitness and the results speak for themselves. Appearances on Oprah dot her resume.
  5. Mary Castro. Mary is the "El Presidente" of crossing over from fitness model to acting. Castro has appeared in dozens of television shows and movies, usually strutting her stuff in the most flattering way possible. 
  6. Kiana Tom. Tom is perhaps most well known for a long running fitness show in the wee hours of the morning on ESPN 2. She also bared all in a 2002 "Playboy" spread that had millions of mouths watering and she once made an appearance on the "Drew Carey Show."
  7. Carmen Garcia. Garcia's muy caliente body can be seen in "FHM," "Low Rider," "Planet Muscle" and "Oxygen." She doesn't just model though, as she is a certified personal trainer and fitness consultant.
  8. Dana Hamm. Miss Hamm has been spotted "Hamming it up" in magazines such as "Ultimate Athlete" and "Muscular Development." Hamm has gained enough endorsement deals and calendar spreads to honestly be considered the most photographed fitness model in the US.
  9. Amber Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born to Christian missionaries while serving in the Congo. She has made a name for herself both as a fitness model and as a regular fashion model, making the very rare crossover. Elizabeth also has her own, well written blog to show off her mind.
  10. Mindi Smith. Could make a run for the most well known as she is one of the first to really show that buff ladies can be downright beautiful as well.  She has made several television appearances in addition to her magazine covers on shows like Entourage and in an Ax Bodyspray spot.
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