10 Hottest Girls Alive

The list of the 10 hottest girls alive is an international selection of hotties that is sure to make your blood pressure rise, especially to certain parts of your body. Actresses and models dot the list, ranging from the young and vivacious to the more seasoned and seductive. Thanks to the internet, you’re never more than a few clicks away from spending some quality time with any of these girls.

  1. Scarlett Johansson This blonde bombshell is certainly one of the hottest girls alive with a body that has curves in places some women don’t even have. True, her voice is a bit grating, but her long locks, luscious lips and lingering looks from bedroom eyes make her a fantasy of every red-blooded man in the world.
  2. Penelope Cruz This Spanish starlet is the very essence of sultry. With an alluring gaze and dark features, she is easily one of the hottest girls alive. She’s been melting hearts from American screens for over ten years and her role in “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”—especially the makeout scene with Scarlett Johansson—may be her most memorable role.
  3. Salma Hayek Hayek is one of the oldest women on this list, but she remains one of the hottest girls alive. An actress from Mexico, she is one of the few Hispanic actresses to be nominated for an Oscar. We nominate her for a visit to our bedroom.
  4. Sofia Vergara Vergara came to prominence on the primetime sitcom “Modern Family” and as one of the hottest girls alive, she quickly caught the attention of the American public. A Colombian model, she has a body that may be absolutely, positively perfect.
  5. Beyonce This R&B singer and songwriter delights men every time she hits the stage, moving her body in ways seemingly impossible, but in ways that we like very, much. Not only just a singer, this gal has also moved into acting.
  6. Eva Mendes After getting a role in a couple music videos—such as Will Smith’s “Miami”—Mendes was persuaded to pursue acting more fully, for which we are eternally grateful. This slender, sexy actress is stunning in a simple, reserved way.
  7. Jessica Alba Easily one of the hottest girls alive, Alba is approaching 30 but still has the looks and body of a 20 year old… even after having a baby! Her dance in “Sin City,” may be one of the most singular amazing scenes in movie history.
  8. Kate Beckinsale Beckinsale is a British actress who has an understated, classic beauty. She also has a tight, kick-ass figure, not to mention a fancypants degree in literature from Oxford University.
  9. Marissa Miller Miller got her start as a swimsuit model, most notably gracing the pages of the “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit issue and with Victoria’s Secret. This slim blonde has appeared in magazines—and fantasies—around the world.
  10. Emmanuelle Chriqui Chriqui started acting at a young age and this adorable actress has kept right on with it, starring in the TV show “Entourage” and in several films. This brunette has an hourglass shape and the face of an angel.
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