10 Hottest Girls In America

Some people may think it is tough to narrow down the 10 hottest girls in America, because there are so many hot girls out there. This is true. But by creating a top ten list of the hottest girls in the country, a bar is set, a look of hotness is defined and our endless appreciation of incredibly hot women can evolve and change. For this top ten list, numerous top lists of jaw-droppingly beautiful women were perused. It was a very difficult, thought-provoking, slow process, looking at each and every picture for extended periods of time. What came out of all this was a diverse list of women from all over America, who properly round out the hot women in our great nation that allows us to make arbitrary lists like this one.

  1. Olivia Munn hosts a show on the G4 network called "Attack of the Show." True, it doesn't take much for nerds to become sexually aroused. However, Munn is also funny, talks about video games and has a body that makes you constantly do that limp-cheeked cartoon character shake.
  2. Shelley, "College Humor's Hottest Girl in America" winner from 2010 is a blonde bombshell from Houston. It appears that she actually has a brain as well, as she majors in biology. This is despite the fact that she is blonde, but really, when it comes to Shelley's kind of all-American hotness, do smarts really matter?
  3. Roselyn Sanchez is a hot Latin chick who you can see regularly on the show "Without a Trace." Even if you think that show is dumb and exactly like all the other detective shows on the air, Sanchez's head strong personality and stunning Latin beauty make it worth your time.
  4. Minka Kelly dates Derek Jeter. She's also a model (smokin' "Esquire" cover) and actress (in a bad horror film called "The Roommate") but the thing that seems to have propelled her into the spotlight the most is her boyfriend. 
  5. Tricia Helfer is in a ton of shows like "Battlestar Gallactica" and "Two and a Half Men," but you'd never know her name and barely recognize her face. This is not due to a lack of beauty. Helfer is one of the hottest girls in America due to the fact that she is shockingly beautiful in so many different roles, looks and situations.
  6. Ashley Greene is a young actress who looks something like a young Brooke Shields but as a vampire, which she played in one of the "Twilight" films. Look for her hotness to increase dramatically in the coming years.
  7. Emma Stone is becoming one of the best young actresses in Hollywood from good teen films like "Easy A", and is also becoming one of the hottest girls in America. This may be due to her girl next door eyes and smile or just her spunky attitude, but the model who looks like a girl you could meet in the mall is in this days, which is good for the young Stone.
  8. Audrina Partridge is an ex-reality star, but that's really her only flaw. Bad movies and TV shows alike won't due much for her acting ability or the shallowness she displayed on "The Hills" but it's tough to get tired of looking at her.
  9. Mila Kunis has always been stupid hot, regardless of if she was in "That 70's Show," "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" or "Black Swan." She looks exotically perfect but also approachable, which is infinitely hotter than a super model who burns holes through you with her stare.
  10. Nicole Sherzinger is a Pussycat Doll and so spectacularly hot in her "Maxim" pictures, it makes you actually want to go see one of their shows. With earplugs in. And binoculars.
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