10 Hottest Girls Of Cheerleading

The ten hottest girls of cheerleading are what sports entertainment is all about as these sexy stunners rally the crowd for the home teams. No sport can hardly exist without at least having some of the hottest girls to lead the cheerleading. The history of cheerleading has evolved over the years, but one things remains and that is having the hottest girls root for the team. These girls of cheerleading are guaranteed to put a smile in the face of numerous fans who fill the arenas and stadiums all across the country. Here are the ten hottest girls of cheerleading:

  1. Odaymis – Miami Heat. A sure-fire winner as one of the hottest in cheerleading brings it on to the basketball court each time. The beauty wishes to enter sports broadcasting and enjoys traveling in the offseason.
  2. Ashton – Dallas Cowboys. This cutie hails from Dallas, Texas, and it shows each time she puts on the cheerleading uniform. Her main interests are in Business Marketing and spending time with family and friends.
  3. Jenna – Chicago Blackhawks. This Ice Girl's nice smile would send flames shooting up and down the ice each day. This hottie has been cast along with fellow Ice Girls in Ron Howard's "The Dilemma" with Vince Vaughn and Kevin James.
  4. Samantha – Miami Dolphins. A pretty face and gorgeous figure give this girl all the gifts necessary for cheerleading. She loves the actor Johnny Depp and the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.
  5. Christina – New Jersey Nets. The blue-eyed Nets dancer definitely melts hearts as she leads the home team to victory. She has appeared in music videos for Timbaland and Chris Cornell as well as a feature in "Esquire" magazine.
  6. Andrea – Dallas Stars. An Ice Girl with a lovely face and tall frame make her the ideal choice for cheerleading the Stars. Her pics make this gal from the NHL's franchise another good excuse to come out to hockey games!
  7. Mila – Washington Redskins. She is another good reason for fans to come to the home games and makes anyone feel like winner. The young lady is a student and dance instructor outside of her cheerleading duties.
  8. Dara – Los Angeles Lakers. Her blazing smile was meant for cheerleading as this girl leads the fans in support of the home team. She majors in Communications and P.R. and loves writing and jogging.
  9. Debbie – Los Angeles Kings. The member of the Ice Crew helps to get the blood boiling, especially in a sport played on ice for three periods. The hockey babe enjoys figure skating, writing and reading in her spare time.
  10. Ashley Judd – Kentucky Wild Cats. The actress is a University of Kentucky alumna for Kappa Kappa Gamma, but her main focus at time is cheerleading the college men's basketball team to glory. There is nothing better than having a star of such films as "A Time to Kill" and "Heat" in the stands who roots for the team passionately each home game and NCAA appearance. 
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