10 Hottest Girls In Metal

While metal is commonly regarded as a male genre, these are the 10 hottest girls in metal. They can scream louder than any dude. And they look great doing it.

  1. Gazelle Amber Valentine. The lead thrasher of Jucifer tops our list of the 10 hottest girls in metal. This multi-talented babe is also a writer, and is currently working on a book about her nomadic life on the road as a musician.
  2. Runhild Gammelsæter. She was the lead singer of the short-term project Thorr’s Hammer. More recently, she lent her vocal skills to the awesome Khlyst album.
  3. Morgan Lee Lander. She’s the lead singer of Kittie and one of the hottest girls in metal. You know her, she rocks. She can play guitar and scream like a wild banshee. She’s Morgan Lee Lander!
  4. Angela Gossow. The lead singer of Arch Enemy, Angela Gossow, is probably the most famous woman in extreme metal. And deservedly so; this hot chick can really scream!
  5. Rachel Heyzer. While she may no longer be the lead singer of Dutch death metal act Sinister, her stint with that band nevertheless lands her a place on our list of the 10 hottest girls in metal. If only we could find a girlfriend who growls like she does!
  6. Karyn Crisis. This hot dreadlocked babe was the lead singer of Crisis. She continues to do interesting projects on her own.
  7. Kat. The lead singer of the up-and-coming doom band Salome makes our list of the 10 hottest girls in metal. Not only is she hot, she can scream high and growl low in the same song without losing a breath.
  8. Mel Mongeon. You don’t find many female vocalists in grindcore. And you certainly don’t find many that are as awesome as Mel Mongeon, lead screamer for Fuck the Facts.
  9. Candace Kucsulain. Walls of Jericho is a metalcore band from Detroit. Candace Kucsulain, their lead singer, is one hot chick.
  10. Lori Bravo. Regarded by many as the godmother of the metal scene for her work in Nuclear Death, Lori Bravo rounds out our list of the 10 hottest girls in metal. Watch out for her solo projects, as well as her latest band Raped.
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