10 Hottest Girls’ Schools By Playboy

Listed below are the ten hottest girls' schools by Playboy. Likely, with most of them, you will not be surprised, but there are a few in there that you might not have expected to see on the top ten list. Playboy also gives a few sentences as to why each school listed made the list. Below are the top ten hottest girls' schools by Playboy.

Ten Hottest Girls' Schools by Playboy:

  1. Arizona State: Playboy put ASU at the top of its list because the girls, visible even at sporting events wearing attractive outfits, really outdo those from other schools, including the number two.
  2. USC: Playboy ranked this as the second hottest university according to the attractiveness of girls. USC has the hottest cheerleaders, Playboy explains.
  3. Florida State: Also obvious upon attending sporting events, where the girls wear very little, FSU has to be among the top three, Playboy decided.
  4. Florida: The University of Florida has always had some of the hottest girls at any school and, that fact is even something that the college is nationally known for.
  5. Ole Miss: Mississippi made the list because it is too obvious that too many hot girls are there to pass it up. Tailgating and sporting events really bring the babes out.
  6. South Carolina: Because of its gorgeous southern girls, Playboy decided to put the University of South Carolina on the list.
  7. UCLA: A Los Angeles school, this one had to be top ten. No one can deny that UCLA is teaming with hot girls.
  8. Auburn: A southern school (this one in Alabama), Auburn is on the list at number eight because of how hot the girls, especially the sorority girls, are.
  9. Georgia: UGA is in the top ten because it, too, has plenty of hot girls who may be seen at any sporting event sporting too little clothing.
  10. LSU: Playboy really likes the southern schools. The cheerleaders, marching band and Cajun atmosphere are cited as reasons for including this one.

The ten hottest girls' schools by Playboy are listed above. All of those that made the list are from California, Arizona or the South, and according to the descriptions, it should not be hard to find good looking girls at any sporting event at any of these campuses.

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