10 Hottest Girls Of Stuff Magazine

Who are the 10 hottest girls of "Stuff" magazine? Many sexy women have graced its cover and its pages over the years, to the delight of men all over the world. Some, however, are a bit hotter than others. See if you agree with this assessment of the 10 hottest girls of "Stuff" magazine.

  1. Janie Terrazas. This WWF ring girl who was born in Mexico appeared in "Stuff" in 2004 lying on her back in a black sheer lace bikini. She boasted that she doesn't have to scare a man into bed, and we believe her, which is why she's on the list of the 10 hottest girls of "Stuff" magazine.
  2. Danica McKellar. Winnie Cooper's all grown up and wearing a black sheer bikini and thigh-highs in a 2005 issue of "Stuff." This was part of McKellar's plan to be cast in less-wholesome roles, and it worked, simultaneously earning her recognition as one of the hottest girls of "Stuff" magazine.
  3. Stacy Keibler. Keibler is a "Stuff" darling, having appeared in the magazine numerous times. Her photo shoot from 2005 lands her on this list, posing topless with skimpy bikini bottoms on a bed. WWE Babe of the Year, indeed!
  4. Krista Allen. Although she's appeared in "Stuff" three times, it was the 2003 photo shoot that lands this actress among the hottest girls of "Stuff" magazine. She was photographed in a white leather skimpy bikini on all fours with a knife strapped to her leg. A weapon has never looked so good.
  5. Gabrielle Tuite. Appearing in "Stuff" in 2005, Tuite, one of "Barker's Beauties" on "The Price is Right," was clad only in skimpy bikini underwear for her photo shoot. She discussed the possibility of getting busy on the Big Wheel, and is one of "Stuff" magazine's hottest girls.
  6. Kelly Hu. This Hawaiian beauty appeared in "Stuff"' in 2001 and 2003, but it's the 2003 shot that qualifies her as one of "Stuff" magazine's hottest models. That's when she posed topless among a field of wheat on a bed of leaves. Getting back to nature never looked better.
  7. Vanessa Marcil. Shot in 2003 for "Stuff," Marcil, who at the time was starring opposite James Caan in the television show "Las Vegas," described in the magazine how she holds her "bird" when she gets nervous. Her open, honest attitude is part of the reason she's one of the 10 hottest girls "Stuff" magazine has photographed.
  8. Willa Ford. This hot singer, whose song "Sexy Sex Obsessive" put her on the map, is definitely one of the hottest girls of "Stuff" magazine. She's also an actress who played the part of another hottie, Anna Nicole Smith, in the story of the late model's life. Simon Cowell has called her "super sexy," and we couldn't agree more.
  9. Rosa Blasi. Blasi appeared in "Stuff" in 2003, lying on a bed of rose petals wearing a rose-colored sheer bikini that left little to the imagination. The actress and wife of New York Giant Jim Finn says if her vagina could talk, it would say "slow down." That's why she's one of "Stuff" magazine's hottest models.
  10. Saira Mohan. Photographed for "Stuff" in 2003, Mohan was proclaimed "the perfect face" by "Newsweek" magazine the same year. "Stuff" didn't put her in their magazine for her face, however. Nor was it because of the model's book, "How to Seduce (and Marry) the Woman of Your Dreams." It's because she's one of the hottest girls "Stuff" magazine has ever photographed.



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