10 Hottest ‘GQ’ Girls

The 10 hottest "GQ" celebrate the power and beauty of the modern woman. From the easily recognizable to the newest and most gorgeous faces, the legendary magazine is an ongoing commemoration of what it means to be a strong 21st Century woman. The hottest "GQ" girls, whether online or in print, remind men everywhere how easy it is to succumb to their charms.

  1. Gemma Arterton. Breaking on to the scene with her turn in the 2010 remake of "Clash of the Titans," Gemma Arterton is a British beauty destined for great things. As if meeting American audiences opposite "Avatar" star Sam Worthington was not enough, she also sizzled up the pages of "Gentlemen's Quarterly" with a colorful and revealing photo shoot that cemented her as one of the hottest "GQ" girls.
  2. Anne Hathaway. The only time you'll ever see Hathaway hotter than in her "Get Smart" turn as Agent 99 is in the pages of "GQ". With silky smooth curves, a touch of darkness, and unbelievable talent, Hathaway earns her place as one of the hottest "GQ" girls of all time.
  3. Beyonce Knowles. Beyonce is one starlet tough to beat. Never afraid of showing off her considerable beauty, she gives readers of "GQ" a temperature-boosting look with her photo shoot that will leave you panting for more.  
  4. Kelly Brook. Ultimo lingerie model, Kelly Brook, made a splash on the pages of "GQ" with her pouty lips and rock-hard body. The kind of model who can single-handedly put a company and product on the map, she also ranks as one of the hottest "GQ" girls you may have never heard of.  
  5. Meredith Ostrom. Ostrom is a blonde-haired beauty. A model, actress, and artist, her body art poses with "GQ" leave little to the imagination, while still teasing enough to drive men crazy.
  6. Marisa Miller. The sensual California native makes black-and-white sparkle in her unbelievable photo shoot with "GQ". Curving her way to perfection, the model sets the bar high for what it takes to become one of the hottest "GQ" girls of all time.  
  7. Jennifer Aniston. Aniston's career has been a long and storied one. From her debut as a teenager in "Leprechaun" to her 10 years on the hit TV show "Friends" and her successful film career, she has been America's sweetheart for a long time. Check out her perfect body as a "GQ" cover girl, and you won't doubt why she makes the list of hottest "GQ" girls.
  8. January Jones. Her role as Betty Draper on the acclaimed series "Mad Men" may have made her an afterthought to "GQ" readers. That is, until they saw her turn up on the "GQ" website, showing off her considerably formidable body in sleek and revealing outfits. She may have been named for winter, but there is nothing cold about this bombshell.  
  9. Jessica Alba. From her first role in the TV series "Dark Angel" to her iconic turn in Robert Rodriguez's "Sin City," the wild beauty has broken hearts and taken names wherever she's gone. Not only is Alba one of the hottest "GQ" girls of all time, she is also one of the hottest actresses working in Hollywood today.
  10. Emily Blunt. The rising starlet Emily Blunt ("Sunshine Cleaning" and "Young Victoria") is a force to be reckoned with when turned loose on the pages of the magazine. Flexing her sexuality, Blunt reminds audiences why any movie featuring her in the cast is worthwhile.  
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