10 Hottest Guess Jeans Models

When looking at popular advertisement with beautiful models, you should check out the 10 hottest Guess jeans models. These people all have two things in common, they have appeared for Guess Jeans and they are sexy. These advertisements have helped Guess become a very popular brand.

  1. Claudia Schiffer. This Guess jeans model helped make Guess jeans known all over the world. She was in the advertisements in the early 1990's. Her picture was very sexy and enticing. After modeling for Guess, her modeling career sky rocketed.
  2. Anna Nicole Smith. After Claudia Schiffer finished her contract with Guess jeans, the next hot model was Anna Nicole Smith. She actually replaced Claudia Schiffer. Her sexy pictures were all done in black and white, resembling the well known Marilyn Monroe.
  3. Paris Hilton. This hot model has appeared in many Guess jeans advertisement. She has done many different advertisements with Guess Jeans. She actually has a line of handbags with Guess Jeans as well. You can see her appearing in very sexy, seductive poses in the advertisements.
  4. Tori Praver. This American model appeared in many Guess Jeans advertisements. She has also done many issues with "Sports Illustrated" Swim Suit Editions. She is known for her beautiful blonde hair and rocking body.
  5. Adriana Lima. Known as a Victorias Secret Angel and a Brazilian Model, she is also a spokesperson for Guess Jeans. Her long brown hair and sultry eyes have appeared in many Guess Jeans ads. She started modeling for Guess Jeans in 2000.
  6. Megan Ewing. In 2001, Megan Ewing joined Adriana Lima as a spokesperson for Guess Jeans. She modeling many advertisements for Guess Jeans. This sexy brunette went on to do Victorias Secret and appeared in a Lenny Kravitz music video "Believe in Me".
  7. Camilla Vest. This tall blonde is known for modeling for Guess Jeans. Her pictures are all sweet, yet sultry. She is tall with beautiful blonde hair, and blue eyes. She is also known for modeling with Triumph.
  8. Lisa Marie Schneider. This hot Guess Jean model has many pictures with Guess Jeans. She is tall, blonde and beautiful. All of her advertisements show just how beautiful she is,  leaving a lot to imagine.
  9. Rachel Nichols. This tall model and actress has sexy photos with Guess Jeans. She did some advertisements for the Guess Leather section. She has beautiful long blonde hair and a killer body to match that.
  10. Josie Maran. In the Summer and Fall of 1998, Josie Maran was in the Guess Jeans advertisements. She was known as the face of Mabelline.  She was also known as one the Sexiest Women in 2002, according to Stuff magazine.  
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