10 Hottest Gymnastics Gold Medal Winners

Selecting the 10 hottest gymnastics gold medal winners is both fun and a little disturbing. Because gymnasts are tiny and young, many of them looked like little girls at the time they competed—and indeed some were, but they’ve all grown into young women. Presented here are ten who could make any man vault on command and stick the landing.

  1. Nastia Liukin If you like lookin’ at good lookin’ blondes, you’ll love lookin’ at Nastia Liukin. The Russian-born American gymnast won the 2008 individual all-around and ranks number one on list of the ten hottest gymnastics gold medal winners of all time.
  2. Catalina Ponor If you’ve seen photographs of this dark-haired Romanian beauty wearing a bikini, you'll understand why Catalina Ponor is second on our list of hottest gymnastics gold medal winners.
  3. Sandra Izbasa Somewhat tall for a gymnast at five feet, six inches, Sandra Izbasa won gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in floor exercise. Spinning like a top, this Romanian blonde has moves on the floor that put her on our list of the ten hottest gymnastics gold medal winners of all time.
  4. Shawn Johnson This little fireplug was more cute than hot when she mastered the balance beam at the 2008 Olympics. She competed in—and won—“Dancing with the Stars” and became one of the ten hottest gymnastics gold medal winners of all time.
  5. Carly Patterson After winning gold in the all-around at the 2004 Olympics, this little dynamo decided to pursue a singing career. She may or may not have the voice for success, but Carly Patterson certainly has the looks, ranking among the hottest gold medal winning gymnasts of all time.
  6. Yevgeniya Kanayeva Few people on the planet can bend like this Russian who took home the all-around gold in rhythmic gymnastics at the 2008 Olympics. It’s that bendiness that puts lovely Yevgeniya Kanayeva on the list of the ten hottest gymnastics gold medal winners. 
  7. Nadia Comaneci At the 1976 Olympics, fourteen year old Nadia Comaneci dazzled viewers while winning three gold medals before adding two more in 1980. Then she grew into a woman, magically transforming the little girl from Romania into one of the hottest gymnasts in Olympic history.
  8. Julianne McNamara She won gold in the uneven bars at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, then a few years later married baseball star Todd Zeile. Tiny, cute and blonde, Julianne McNamara hits a home run as a member of our list of the hottest gymnastics gold medalists of all time.
  9. Shannon Miller Two gold medals at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics turned Shannon Miller into America’s sweetheart. But it’s her looks that turned this lawyer into one of the ten hottest gymnastics gold medal winners in Olympic history.
  10. Elena Zamolodchikova She won two gold medals at the 2000 Sydney Games, vaulting the cute, little Russian with the impossible name into the annals of Olympic greatness and onto our list of Olympic hotness.
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