10 Hottest Hawaiian Bikini Models

Before you pay a visit to this Promised Land, get to know these 10 hottest Hawaiian bikini models. Even if you’ve never heard of them, it’s almost difficult to ignore their natural talents once you spot them wearing a skimpy bikini. Read below for more important cultural information. 

  1. Jarah Makalapua Mariano. She was voted as our favorite Hawaiian bikini model in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2008 and 2009. Since then, she continues to be one of the most beautiful girls in Hawaii.
  2. Agnes Nalani Lum. Showing experience and delicacy, Agnes teaches the younger generation how to properly wear a real Hawaiian bikini. She’s a talented singer, actress, and model. No one can deny that she can stop volcanoes from erupting with just her presence.
  3. Patricia Ford. This woman is so beautiful that her sexiness surpasses time. Patricia, as a famous Hawaiian model, likes to be called Brandi by her closest friends. She’s built a productive career posing for hot calendars for over ten years. Since there aren’t any months left, starting all over again sounds like a great idea.
  4. Anya Rozova. She’s not technically a Hawaiian citizen, but she’s lived in Hawaii for such a long time with her adoptive parents that everyone in town loves her. This girl always takes the cameras by surprise both in her high fashion career and bikini photo shoots.
  5. Kelly Hu. As a young child, she wanted to be a singer, a dancer, and also a martial artist! Not even the stars could predict that she was meant to be an amazing bikini model. She has worked in Japan, China, and Italy and her talent is recognized all over the world.
  6. Janey Lee. Even when she’s just working as a dedicated office manager, you can tell that this woman has the looks. Then, when you take a walk through Hawaiian beaches, you’ll find her bikini modeling everywhere. She loves to work out hard and play with men’s desires.
  7. Maggie Q. That “Q” after her name clearly stands for “Quality” or more importantly, “Queen.” We’ll firmly defend that statement with our lives. In Hawaii, she causes mayhem when she wears a provocative bikini. She’s a cute model and also a sexy actress with a promising career.
  8. Flo Jalin. She isn’t only beautiful but also a very humble woman. In Hawaii, she likes to pose for calendars with a very tight bikini that fits her body so well that it’ll cause you to faint. She also likes to be in contact with her fans through to her online diary.
  9. Nicole Scherzinger. When you’re the Pussycat Dolls’ lead singer, the world falls to its knees wherever you go. Thank God she didn’t forget to model in bikinis. Life wasn’t easy for her in the beginning, but with perseverance she can now glow among the stars.
  10. Tia Carrere. Acting, singing, dancing-she’s done it all. In Hawaii, she’s regarded as a clear example of success. With or without a bikini, no one can rest in peace until she kills you with her penetrating gaze.
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