10 Hottest Hollywood Actress Of The ’80s

The ladies who make up our list of the 10 hottest Hollywood actresses of the ‘80s appeared in some of the most talked about films of that decade. And it was the alluring beauty of these women that helped make those films so memorable.

  1. Kathleen Turner. Considering she later became manly enough to play Chandler’s father in “Friends,” it’s hard to believe that Kathleen Turner was one of the hottest Hollywood actresses of the ‘80s. The truth is, her steaming hot performance in “Body Heat” (1981) featuring lots of nudity goes down as one of the sexiest in film history.
  2. Daryl Hannah. One of the busiest actresses of the ‘80s, Daryl Hannah made quite a splash as the beautiful mermaid who captures Tom Hanks’ heart in “Splash” (1984). Tall and sexy with long blonde hair, she ranks high on our list of the hottest Hollywood actresses of that decade. 
  3. Melanie Griffith. Never shy about revealing her body on screen, her performance as porn star Holly Body in the film “Body Double” (1984) is great for two reasons: No body double is used for her nude scenes, and her body is incredible. As sexy as they come, Melanie Griffith is clearly one of the ten hottest actresses of the ‘80s.
  4. Rebecca De Mornay. She’s plays a hooker who takes the virginity of high school senior Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” (1983), then puts him through several days of hell. Despite that, Rebecca De Mornay is so hot and sexy, most teenage boys would consider her well worth the trouble. The famous train scene alone is enough to make her not only one of the hottest Hollywood actresses of the ‘80s, but of all time.
  5. Michelle Pfeiffer. In Brian De Palma’s “Scarface” (1983), unknown Michelle Pfeiffer grabs the attention of male moviegoers as the wife of drug kingpin Tony Montana. The slender, blonde beauty would go on to become one of the ten sexiest actresses of the ‘80s.
  6. Diane Lane. One of the hottest actresses of the ‘80s, Diane Lane was barely eighteen when she caught the eye of young men everywhere as Cherry Valance in “The Outsiders” (1983).  From there, she has bloomed into one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses of all time.
  7. Phoebe Cates. The classic scene in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (1982) in which she removes her red bikini top is etched in the minds of every guy who ever saw it. Considered one of the greatest displays of nudity ever to grace the silver screen, that scene alone puts Phoebe Cates on our list of the ten hottest actresses of the ‘80s.
  8. Demi Moore. Back when her hubby Ashton Kutcher was just a youngster, Demi Moore was heating up the screen as a member of the Brat Pack. Rolling around naked with Rob Lowe in the film “About Last Night” (1986) earns her recognition as one of the sexiest actresses of the ‘80s.
  9. Jessica Lange. Hot enough to inspire Dustin Hoffman to dress in drag (“Tootsie,” 1982), Jessica Lange is next on our list. But it was her steamy scenes with Jack Nicholson in “The Postman Always Rings Twice” (1981) that made her one of the hottest Hollywood actresses of the ‘80s.
  10. Jennifer Beals. She may have been a maniac on the floor (although a stand-in did most of the dance sequences) but what a feeling guys got for sexy, young Jennifer Beals as the steel-worker/aspiring dancer in “Flashdance” (1983). Her career never took off after that, but Jennifer still ranks as one of the hottest Hollywood actresses of the ‘80s.
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