10 Hottest Korean Girls

If you are looking for the 10 hottest Korean girls, you have many actresses and models to choose from. Finding the hottest Korean girl is a matter of personal taste, but here are some suggestions.

  1. Kim So-Yeon from the show "All About Eve" starts off the 10 hottest Korean girls list. She wears clothing in the show to hide her appealing figure. If you do some searches online though, you'll have no problem finding this raven-haired beauty in more revealing outfits.
  2. Eugene Kim started out in a pop group, but went solo in her musical career after 2002.  She frequently shows her fire with dyed red hair and has a "girl next door" face.
  3. Han Ga-In first appeared on television in 2000 in Sunshine Hunting. This member of the 10 hottest Korean girls list has black hair that she frequently ties back in a pony tail to tease.
  4. Jeon Ji-Hyun became popular in 2002 in the movie My Sassy Girl. She frequently models wearing a combination of low cut tops and tight outfits to show her well mained figure.
  5. Lee Da-Hae will have to be viewed on Korean television dramas if you want to see this member of the 10 hottest Korean girl list. She is a dancer, but features well developed features you may not see on other dances.
  6. Kim Hee-Sun's long flowing hair and the fact that she may qualify as a MILF now that she  is a mom places her on the 10 hottest Korean girl list. She has appeared in several movies, including The Myth with Jackie Chan.
  7. Song Hye-Gyo has a sassy look that she has featured in many different television dramas. This member of the 10 hottest Korean girl list has been on American shows such as Full House and Autumn Fairy Tale.
  8. The piercing eyes of Kim Taehae lands her on the list of the 10 hottest Korean girls. She has those eyes that can see right through you, but seduce you at the same time.
  9. Lee Hyori can give you a glance over her shoulder that just lures you into following her. She frequently models swimsuits which show off her figure quite well.
  10. Ivy sells sex in her songs and outfits, which is not common in the Korean music scene and vaults her onto the 10 hottest Korean girl list. She has defied tradition and started to bring the American style of using sex appeal in music to sell her CD's.
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