10 Hottest Maxim Cover Models Ever

Since 1997, "MaxIm" has embraced some of the most beautiful women from all over and this is a list of top ten hottest "Maxim" cover models ever. One of the most top selling men's magazines of the world, "Maxim" has given us more beautiful women over the past years that we can only bow down in gratitude. Here is the top ten hottest "Maxim" cover models of all time:

  1. Carmen Electra –  Sept '97, December '02, and July '05 – This three time cover girl is the absolute definition of what "Maxim" embraces. Carmen Electra is smart, sexy, sophisticated and knows what men are looking for. Carmen sets the pages ablaze as soon as you flip the cover, if you even want to take your eyes off the cover that is.
  2.  Megan Fox – July '07 and October '08 – Miss Fox couldn't not be on this list as she appeared on the covers at "Maxim" first when she was only 21. Megan Fox can not only burn up the big screen, but also set the pages of "Maxim" on fire. 
  3. Christina Aguilera – January '03 and March '07 – When she first appeared on "Maxim," many women were picking up their boyfriends jaws from the ground. She first graced the pages of "Maxim" on the front cover when she began her "dirrty" phase and boy were men ever so thankful. 
  4. Jennifer Love Hewitt – November '99, March '05, and May '09 – Jennifer is a veteran of the pages of "Maxim" as she has appeared three times so far and she has never looked ever better. She continues to shine and her beauty has grown throughout the years as she has proven it time and time again from cover to cover.
  5. Jessica Alba – October '00 and November '03 – This hot mama appeared on the cover of "Maxim" way before she ever was taking on the task of motherhood. Before she was a mother, she was sizzling the pages of "Maxim" from cover to cover. 
  6. Shannon Elizabeth – January '00, December '03, and June '08 – Another veteran of the pages of "Maxim" that has been on the cover three times. This poker hottie is a guys girl. She plays poker professionally from time to time, she is dead sexy and loves man's best friend. We only wish she'd be our best friend one of these days. 
  7. Kelly Monaco – September '05 – What's better? Winning "Dancing with the Stars" or being on the cover of "Maxim?" Kelly Monaco is one of the hottest, wettest, most toned beauty to be on the cover ever. She has one of the hottest spreads in the pages and we melt every time we picture it in our minds. 
  8. Joanna Krupa – August '09 – Joanna is becoming more famous as she gets older. This Swedish model has done it all from acting to also being a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars." She is an attributed member of PETA and she definitely would rather go naked than wear fur. We applaud you and appreciate your fur fighting efforts. 
  9. Audrina Patridge – October '09 – The older this magazine gets, the sexier this magazine gets. There couldn't have been a complete list of hot covers on "Maxim" without "The Hills" star. Audrina Patridge lights up the small screen, big screen, and the pages of one of the most famous men's magazines around.
  10. Olga Kurylenko – December '08 – We couldn't have a complete list of hot cover girls with out hot Russian import Olga Kurylenko. This hot "Bond" girl has the definition of stunner written all over her perfect body. She is gorgeous and has been in so many action packed films that she has taken our hearts and a cover on "Maxim."
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