10 Hottest Movies Ever

Before the days of the internet, you had to hope for a glimpse of action in mainstream and late night cable movies, hoping to catch one of the 10 hottest movies ever. Well, here’s a list of the ten hottest movies you might ever see:

  1. “Nine ½ weeks” 1986 – Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger let their freak flags fly through the whole movie. You name it, they’re doing it and in every way possible: in the bed, on the floor, in the kitchen…with the food. Mmm, tasty. This one will make anyone's top ten list of hottest movies any time, any where.
  2. “Basic Instinct” 1992 – Hot blondes, lesbians and the scene that made Sharon Stone a household name. With platinum blonde hair and dressed in a sleek white outfit, the sexy serial killer played by Stone, uncrosses, then crosses her legs in an interrogation scene just long enough for us to catch full frontal female nudity. That’s right, no panties. This is another movie that's guaranteed to be in anyone's top ten hottest list.
  3. “Striptease” 1996 – Demi Moore, stripping. You already know this movie is hot. The movie is laughable for sure, but nobody can deny that Demi Moore gave us one of the hottest performances of her career. Tan, slick, under a black light and half-naked for half the movie, you’ll sit through this movie just to get to the next scene she is going to strip in. 
  4. “Charlie’s Angels” 2000 – Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu at their hottest. Here is hotness however you want it. This female empowerment movie was filled with enough camp and costumes to keep it fun and sexy. It might even make you want to play dress up. With the girls, that is.
  5. “American Pie” 1999 – If only for the fact that these horny kids are trying to get screwed the whole movie, we've included this on the list of the hottest movies ever. Jason Bigg is trying to screw Shannon Elizabeth as bad as we want him to. Or rather, we want to. We spend the whole move fantasizing about her hotness only to get our wish fulfillment smashed when he crashes and burn in bed with her. Preemie.
  6. “Flashdance” 1983– One of the hottest movies of the eighties, this put the “wet” in wet T-shirts. Another film about a stripper, Jennifer Beals had all the guys "splash," in more ways than one.
  7. “Porky’s” 1982 – Perky breasts, ready peckers and horny teens are in the recipe for one of the hottest and funniest sex romps ever put on screen. This film was the precursor to "American Pie," with its lead character trying to get laid at any and all costs. Ample breast exposure, frontal bush and a “glory hole” gone wrong make this a must see.
  8. “Wildthings" 1998 – Denise Richards and Neve Campbell share one of the hottest movie kisses ever. Even the poster is hot, with two slick haired chicks staring at one another with thick lipstick on, their heads halfway above the water.
  9. “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” 1982 – Slutty teenagers screw all through one of the hottest movies of the eighties. Jennifer Jason Leigh is the cute chick who gets naked twice while humping her way to credibility. And, Phoebe Cates has what has to be one of the hottest fantasy nude scenes ever put on film. It’s so hot that the male character on screen is wanking about it as we’re watching it.
  10. “Secretary” 2002 – Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader put on a show of erotic S&M seldom seen in mainstream movies. It will turn the plainest of lovers into the hottest animals, guaranteed. It just makes you want to try things. Anything.
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