10 Hottest Myspace Girl

You can make your Myspace profile a little more interesting with our list of the 10 hottest Myspace girls. Stop searching and check these ladies out.

  1. Stephanie Levine. Stephanie is a 26-year-old model from Tampa, Florida. Her beautiful brown eyes and tanned skin accentuate her exotic beauty. This hottie is half Russian and half Latin American; it’s a unique mix that matches perfectly with her figure, measuring in at 5’1” and 100 pounds. She’s a bartender and elementary education student who loves going out with friends and dancing.
  2. Queen Esther. This is the alias of Esther Hanuka, a 30-year-old sexy bombshell! She has an Israeli father and a Guatemalan mother so you can imagine how exotic she looks! She has several tattoos adorning her astonishing body and more Myspace friends than you could possibly imagine! This glamorous girl is willing to meet anyone but only if she’s treated with respect, so don’t forget to be a gentleman if you add her.
  3. Kimberly Schuyler. Kimberly is a 22-year-old beauty from Florida. She’s the girl next door you’ve always dreamed about. This southern girl loves modeling, especially in bikinis, and taking a lot of pictures. She’s 5’4” tall and weighs 110 pounds. Her blonde hair and green eyes will leave you speechless. She takes her career really seriously so get ready to become a fan because this girl is here to stay.
  4. Nikki Zeno. Nikki Is a California athlete, actress, model, dancer, and poet-all you ever wanted in a woman. This Latina hottie doesn’t need words to describe herself because her pictures and videos will do all the talking and you’ll instantly fall in love with this beauty. She also has a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Trust me, you’ll want to be her patient!
  5. Baby A. V. This is the nickname of Alina Vacariu, a Romanian model and actress. This Myspace girl is so famous in her country that she was elected Romania’s Model of the Year when she was only fourteen years old. Now she’s 26 and is trying to meet as many friends as possible. She’ll nicely answer all the messages you send her.
  6. Christina Alexandra. Christina is a cute girl from New York who has the best way of decorating her profile: showing pictures of herself. Her sexy smile will be the perfect excuse to add her as your friend. You don’t need to know much about this girl. She’s as hot as hell and that’s it.
  7. Shannon Richards. Shannon comes from Texas and her profile is one of the sexiest in Myspace. She’s 22 years old and wants to be an actress. She also has two things you won’t forget: a sexy sight and some amazing natural breasts. In her blog, she says that there are fake accounts of herself on Facebook so this is the real way to get to know her.
  8. Gleen-Marie Endris. Gleen-Marie is the hottest massage therapist you’ve always wanted to run across. She’s also a model, actress, and singer. This California girl will drive you crazy and if you think her face is familiar, it’s because she’s the host of the Playboy program, “Do You Think You Can Strip?” We bet she can definitely strip.
  9. Jenn Thomas. Jenn is from Glenshaw, Pennsylvania and is only 24 years old. Her measurements are 33-24-32, which is just perfect for her 5’8” frame, weighing in at only 115 pounds. This hottie loves participating in bikini contests and has her own website. She’s also a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  10. Claire Tully. Claire is a 25-year-old blonde from Dublin. This hottie is a model, teacher, and immunologist. Who said that blondes don’t have brains? In her profile, you can find a video of her appearing in a sports television show, proving that her intelligence is for real. This cutie has more than any man could expect from a model and has starred in a breathtaking 2010 calendar.

Now that you’ve seen our list, are you ready to add some Myspace friends?

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