10 Hottest Naked Female Sports Stars

With all the beautiful sports stars around, it is interesting to know the 10 hottest naked female sports stars. These sports stars range from tennis players to professional wrestlers. Each have one thing in common: they are hot naked.

  1. Tatiana Navka This hot naked female sports star is an ice dancer. She is blonde and incredible beautiful. She is Ukrainian-born and a Russian athlete. She was the Olympic champion in the 2006 Winter Olympics.
  2. Gabrielle Reece This curvy brunette easily makes the list of the ten hottest naked female sports stars. She is a volleyball player and a fashion model. She was inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame.
  3. Silvia Disderi Blonde and sexy, this Italian tennis player has everything going for her. She is truly a hot naked sports star. She is extremely curvy and has sexy pictures all over the internet.
  4. Tatiana Golovin Tennis is the game that holds the beautiful Tatiana Golovin. She was born in Moscow and was the cover girl for "Sports Illustrated" 2009 Swimsuit Edition. She is blonde, busty and featured topless on the internet.
  5. Maria Sharapova Easily making it onto the ten hottest naked female sports stars, this beauty is blonde with curves. She is a tennis player from Russia. She has won many titles from the Wimbledon and U.S. Open.
  6. Latasha Marzolla This blonde, busty female is a professional MMA fighter. She has posed for "Playboy" and made a beautiful centerfold. With blonde hair, beautiful eyes and the perfect body to match, it is no wonder she is one of the ten hottest naked female sports stars.
  7. Maryse Ouellet Being a WWE Diva, this blonde beauty is one of the hottest naked female sport stars. She is French-Canadian. She has posed for the center of "Playboy" as well.
  8. Rena "Sable" Mero Every wrestling fan remembers Sable from back in the day. She was an American model and actress. She was also known as the very first WWE Diva. She has posed for "Playboy" several times.
  9. Petra Niemann With her beautiful dark hair and sultry eyes, she is one of the hottest naked female sports stars. She is an Olympic German sailor. She has been to three different Olympics. She has posed for "Playboy" as well.
  10. Nicole Reinhardt This busty brunette makes the ten hottest naked female sports stars list. She is part of the German Double World Champion Canoe Team. She is also been part of "Playboy."
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