10 Hottest Naked Sports Stars

It's generally accepted that female athletes have great bodies; the 10 hottest naked sports stars have gone the extra mile to prove that fact for us. The hottest naked sports stars of the female persuasion range from lithe Olympic competitors to busty boxers, petite tennis pros to statuesque hoops heroines. Here they are, the ten hottest naked sports stars.

  1. Katarina Witt – Many were shocked when the lady at the top of our list of the hottest naked sports stars posed for Playboy; before then, the figure skater had a very wholesome image. She decided to show her whole image, going full-frontal in the men's mag, and become every guy's favorite figure skater.
  2. Gabrielle Reece – The beach volleyball star was a dream woman even before she bared all; when she became one of the hottest naked sports stars, men were drooling for a look. This beauty became the face (and many other body parts) of beach volleyball for years.
  3. Amanda Beard – Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard got rid of the pesky swimsuit for Playboy. It ensured she would be one of the hottest naked sports stars for years to come.
  4. Ashley Harkleroad – Some accused tennis player Harkleroad of focusing more on her sex appeal than her game. Fans of the hottest naked sports stars have no complaint.
  5. Madeleine Dupont – The Danish curling team captain's come-hither stare, voluptuous lips, and perky assets helped to make curling the breakout sport of the 2010 winter games. She can aim for our target anytime.
  6. Nicole Reinhardt – The gorgeous body of German Olympic hopeful Reinhardt is used for kayaking. When she's not posing nude to promote her team and becoming one of the hottest naked sports stars, that is.
  7. Lauren Jackson – The Australian basketball star takes pride in her beauty, and showed it all off in the artistic magazine Black & White. Since then, her popularity has skyrocketed.
  8. Ineta Radevica – This track star became a Playboy star as well. Many happily paid attention to women's long jump and triple jump soon after.
  9. Mia St. John – This busty boxer is yet another of the hottest naked sports stars to bare it all in the pages of Playboy. There are few things hotter than a woman who looks like that and can fight, too.
  10. LaTasha Marzolla – This well-endowed martial artist is bringing the T&A to MMA. She closes out our list of the hottest naked sports stars.
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