10 Hottest Olympic Athletes

The ten hottest Olympic athletes are not always the stars on the covers of the magazines, but sometimes hotties are featured as cover girls. Some equally hot sports folks are good, but they are hot in the background. Hot is in the eye of the beholder, but some people are the kind you just notice. The fact that they have the athletic skills for the Olympics and the magazine looks, you'll probably notice them in a coffee house or bar. They're also the people that make heads turn. The candidates for the ten hottest Olympic athletes include some major femme fatales. The Olympics have eye candy for everyone: Skill for sports fans and beauty for fans who enjoy a little view with their sports. 

  1. Jamie Beyerle: For dudes who go for dudettes who pack a three-position rifle, Jamie Beyerle is a babe with the skill to shoot her way into the Olympics. Ms. Beyerle also is a crack shot with an air rifle and rounds out the curves of the Olympic shooting uniform. 
  2. Ashleigh McIvor: The smile of an angel and the shape of a Playboy model, combined with the skiing skills to win gold. Ashleigh meets all the qualifications for the Babe-O-Rama Olympic list. 
  3. Lindsey Vonn: Who could argue with "Sports Illustrated" magazine? The mag picked Lindsey Vonn as a bathing suit model for the Winter Olympic Games issue. Vonn shows more skin in the article than out on the slopes and she definitely meets the standards for the hottest Olympic athletes list. 
  4. Lacy Schnoor: Oh, la la to Lacy's topless pinup photos for "Sports Illustrated". Ms. Schnoor is a freestyle skier with the emphasis on style. 
  5. Hannah Teter: Hannah is another of "Sports Illustrated"'s exposed models. The Olympic snowboarder from Vermont has stared on television and is a favorite athlete of her state's favorite ice cream company Ben and Jerry's. A hottie with a cool ice with her name. Not bad. 
  6. Clair Bidez: Colorado resident Clair Bidez heats up the snow competing in snowboarding. She's also a hottie featured in revealing magazine spreads. 
  7. Tamara Jenkins: Kayaker Jenkins has the strength to steer her kayak in Olympic competition and the body to capture attention, in addition to the training to grab a medal. 
  8. Dara Torres: The chiseled swimmer's body of Torres is a classic. She's also a five-time Olympic medal winner. 
  9. Monique and Jocelyn Lamoureux: It's a twofer at place nine with twin ice hockey cuties. This pair of twin sisters heat up the Olympic ice. 
  10. Serena Williams: Tennis player Ms. Williams makes a statement on the court in more just than play. Anyone who wears a thong sport panty for court play must make the list of the ten hottest Olympic athletes. 



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