10 Hottest Oscar Winning Actresses

There have been a lot of beautiful starlets who have taken home Academy Awards throughout the years but they can’t all make the list of 10 Hottest Oscar Winning Actresses. That illustrious distinction had to be reserved for trendsetters and timeless beauties, who weren’t too shabby in these statue-nabbing roles.

  1. Halle Berry. It’s hard to imagine that the gorgeous movie star Halle Berry could ever look plain, but she did in the film that put her on the 10 Hottest Oscar Winning Actresses list. In 2001’s movie “Monster’s Ball,” Berry played Leticia Musgrove, the widow of an executed prisoner who unwittingly falls for a guard involved with this death. Halle looked stunning on the night she picked up her Academy Award for the role–the first ever given to an African American in that category.
  2. Reese Witherspoon. Reese Witherspoon was best known for fluffy, romantic comedies before she took the part of June Carter in 2005’s “Walk the Line” and earned a spot on the 10 Hottest Oscar Winning Actresses. Now divorced from her first husband Ryan Phillippe, the sexy mom of two dated movie hunk Jake Gyllenhaal and is now seeing a CAA agent, Jim Toth.
  3. Kate Winslet. In 2009, Kate Winslet joined the list of the 10 Hottest Oscar Winning Actresses when she took home the statuette for the role of Hanna Schmitz in “The Reader.” Besides her onscreen steamy scenes with the younger actor David Kross, Winslet topped the UK Daily Mail’s list of most desirable celeb bodies at the beginning of the year.
  4. Sandra Bullock. No one was more surprised than Sandra Bullock when she won the Best Actress Academy Award for “The Blindside” this year than Bullock herself. And it’s that very un-Hollywood, normal girl-who-just-happens-to-act persona that lands Sandy on the list of 10 Hottest Oscar Winning Actresses. Sadly, all the gossip about her troubles with husband Jesse James has overshadowed her moment of glory.
  5. Elizabeth Taylor. Younger readers will be shocked to find that at one time, Elizabeth Taylor was considered the most beautiful actress of her time. With her piercing violet eyes, thick dark hair, scandalous love affairs, and her many marriages (eight in total), she was the Angelina Jolie of the ‘60s. And, she became a member of the 10 Hottest Oscar Winning Actresses club not once but twice for the role of Gloria Wandrous in the 1960 film “Butterfield 8” and as Martha in 1966’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”
  6. Sophia Loren. This Italian sexpot was the first person to join the list of 10 Hottest Oscar Winning Actresses for a non-speaking role. She stunned audiences with her irresistible beauty as Cesira in 1961’s “Two Women.” And she’s held up amazingly well, sizzling on screen just last year in “Nine” at the age of 75.
  7. Julie Christie. Julie Christie not only won the Academy Award for the role of Diana Scott in the 1965 film “Darling,” she also represented the ultra hip look of the swinging London scene. Her off-screen love affair with legendary ladies man Warren Beatty only upped her hotness quotient.
  8. Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts had long been America’s sweetheart before she starred in the title role of “Erin Brockovich.” But with the part of the outspoken, not-very-classy legal secretary-turned-environmental advocate, Roberts found an edgier, sexier look and took home Oscar gold.
  9. Charlize Theron. Never has a beautiful movie star had to transform into such an ugly creature to land on the list of 10 Hottest Oscar Winning Actresses. In the 2003 film “Monster”, Theron starred as serial killer Aileen Wuornos, shedding her red carpet glamour and picking up an Academy Award.
  10. Marion Cotillard. Anyone who saw Marion Cotillard in 2007’s “La Vie en Rose” would find it hard to recognize her in any other role. That’s because the French beauty so immersed herself in the role of the self-destructive singer Edith Piaf that she disappeared within the character. But when she took the screen in the musical “Nine”, her true sexy self was revealed to US audiences.
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