10 Hottest Playboy Covers 2009

The 10 hottest "Playboy" covers of 2009 feature famous actresses, comedians, singers, reality television stars and models. "Playboy" pulled out some big names to grace the 2009 covers, including all three of the Girls Next Door and famous cartoon character Marge Simpson. With only twelve months in a year, "Playboy" still managed to crank out sixteen different covers, and these ten are the hottest of 2009.

  1. Christina Stefanidi. The hottest "Playboy" cover of 2009 is Greek model Christina Stefanidi of the August issue. In 2008, this Greek goddess quickly began creating a name as one of the hottest new models by being on the cover of "Esquire" and "Maxim" magazines. Christina posed completely nude except for high heels and a cuff bracelet for the August "Playboy" cover.
  2. Carmen Electra. The 55th anniversary issue has dancer-turned-actress Carmen Electra posing for the January 2009 "Playboy" cover. Against an all black background, Carmen sits sideways, naked with gold heels. The shot is aimed from Carmen's nude backside, with the the sultry actress peering over her left shoulder while holding a black sheet to cover up her breasts.
  3. Alina Puscau. Victoria Secret angel turned Playboy bunny, Alina Puscau shed her wings for the November 2009 issue. Standing against a purple background, Alina is posed with hands on hips wearing nothing but leather high top underwear and a push-up bra. Her bright red fingernail polish adds to the sexy picture that her boyfriend Brett Ratner shot for "Playboy."
  4. Heidi Montag. Whether you love or love to hate reality television star Heidi Montag, there is one thing that cannot be denied: her September 2009 "Playboy" cover is hot. Wearing a white bikini, Heidi's "Playboy" cover gives new meaning to down and dirty. Her stomach has the iconic Playboy bunny etched out of the dirt that covers her, which adds just a little more hotness to her sexy cover.
  5. Joanna Krupa. December 2009 never seemed so hot with Polish-American model Joanna Krupa on the cover of "Playboy" that month. The holiday issue has Joanna wearing a black and red long sleeve leotard which she is pulling down in the middle to expose her cleavage. Shot against a black background with the Playboy bunny acting as a spotlight gives this hot cover a unique twist.
  6. Aubrey O'Day. Former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day shed it all for "Playboy" and became the March 2009 cover girl. Sitting down on a white Victorian chair, Aubrey's wearing a low cut nude flapper dress paired with gold high heels. The dress, leaving little to the imagination, is what makes this singer's "Playboy" cover top 10 worthy.
  7. Holly Madison. "The Girls Next Door" reality star and former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison's February "Playboy" cover was one of three that month. Wearing a tiny black bikini, Holly's cover was shot from her backside and her bikini bottoms are just low enough to make her picture one of the 10 hottest Playboy covers of 2009.
  8. Lisa Rinna. Actress Lisa Rinna, at the age of forty-five, was May's 2009 "Playboy" cover girl, wearing fish net stockings, black panties and a deep V-neck button-down shirt. Posing on a stool with her right heel perched up, Lisa's cover cannot be denied as one of the hottest of 2009.
  9. America Olivo. The June 2009 "Playboy" cover has actress America Olivo wearing blue drawstring bikini bottoms and a white T-shirt with rips down the middle that expose her cleavage. The hot "Playboy" cover is shot against a pink background, and America's feathered brown hair has the sexy "Charlie's Angels" Farrah Fawcett vibe.
  10. Chelsea Handler. December was so nice "Playboy" had to do it twice! Two covers that is, and the other hot December 2009 "Playboy" cover has comedian Chelsea Handler on the cover. The television host of "Chelsea Lately" wore a teeny weeny gold bikini paired with tan knee-high boots. Standing upright and posed to the side, a long candy-cane is puling the bottom of Chelsea's bikini open, which is enough to make it one of the hottest "Playboy" covers of 2009.


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