10 Hottest Russian Models Ever

These are the ten hottest Russian models. These girls reign from the great Country of Russia and give all us men something to look at, even if it does make our girlfriends mad.

  1. Amanda Braun. Amanda Braun is a hot Russian model with tan skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She might just be the hottest person in the world with that smoking body.
  2. Maria Sharapova. This very hot female of Russian descent is really a tennis player, but she did pose in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, which technically makes her a model too. With her long, long, long, legs she makes the list. Oh yeah, and her legs are long!
  3. Irina Antonenko. Irina Antonenko is a newer model and Miss Moscow winner. If she is good enough to be declared Miss Moscow, then how can you disagree that she is a hot Russian model?
  4. Daria Komarkova. Daria is just as pretty as her name suggest. She is a 5-foot-9 inch Russian goddess, with the most beautiful set of eyes ever. They are an amazing shade of green, that you will want to stare into four hours upon hours.
  5. Natasha Poly. This 5-foot-10 inch model with dirty blonde hair might be the most mainstream model of the bunch. If this Russian model is good enough for Luis Vuitton and Gucci then she must be one of the hottest.
  6. Irina Kulikova. Irina is the youngest on the list, but she stands tall at six-feet tall, with long brown hair. She is a break through model who has opened for Prada.
  7. Kira. Kira is a Russian-born actress who is currently living and working in Los Angeles. She gave up on a gymnastics career and decided to pursue a career in modeling instead.
  8. Katja Shchekina. Katia is a unique blend of Somalia and Russian. She has a forceful look almost as if to say shes in charge. Men love it when women take control. Would you let this hot Russian model boss you around?
  9. Irina Chebotaeva. Irina has walked in fashion shows in cities from New York to Moscow. She is a very petite brunette Russian model who will have every ones attention whenever she enters a room.
  10. Anya Monzikova. Anya is a hot Russian model with the most amazing blonde hair you've ever seen. She uses a lot of makeup but to be honest, she looks great with it. She, unlike other Russian models, is not incredibly thin, but instead looks healthy!
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