10 Hottest ‘Sports Illustrated’ Models Of All Time

The 10 hottest "Sports Illustrated" models of all time have gone on to a variety of careers since their famous appearances on the cover and within the folds of the "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Edition. These ten women were unstoppable at the height of their fame and remain icons of beauty.

  1. Beyonce Knowles. Beyonce appeared on the cover of the 2007 "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Edition. This cover came at an opportune time for Beyonce, who starred in "Dreamgirls" a year prior and who would be releasing the wildly successful "I Am Sasha Fierce" CD a year later. Her bikini cover shot was mostly friendly, while many of the interior pictures were a bit more seductive.
  2. Danica Patrick. Danica Patrick has appeared in "Sports Illustrated" and the "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Edition multiple times since the beginning of her career as a race car driver. Many times, more discussion has occurred over Danica Patrick’s swimsuit shots than her racing performance.
  3. Cheryl Tiegs. Cheryl Tiegs became a household name after her appearances on the "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Edition cover in the 1970s and 1980s. Tiegs' most iconic photo involves a mesh swimsuit that became translucent when wet.
  4. Cindy Crawford. Cindy Crawford was one of several women to become classified as supermodels in the 1980s, and she remains a household name. Crawford had multiple appearances in "Sports Illustrated" that only served to further her mainstream appeal.
  5. Rebecca Romijn. Rebecca Romijn was already an extremely popular and widely recognized model before she appeared in the "X-Men" trilogy. A large reason is because of Rebecca Romijn’s popularity as a "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Edition cover model.
  6. Elle MacPherson. Elle MacPherson appeared on a "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Edition cover with two other women who were dubbed members of a Dream Team. Elle stole the show as the freshest face and has since went on to become a designer of intimate clothing.
  7. Kathy Ireland. Kathy Ireland appeared in "Sports Illustrated" as a model throughout the 1980s and also appeared on the Dream Team cover with Elle MacPherson. Kathy still routinely appears as a speaker at events and regularly does TV interviews and promotions.
  8. Paulina Porizkova. Paulina Porizkova appeared on the cover of the "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Edition and was a very popular pin-up girl throughout the 1980s. Porizkova appeared on "America’s Next Top Model" in recent years as a panelist.
  9. Niki Taylor. Niki Taylor was at the height of her fame as a CoverGirl model when she appeared in "Sports Illustrated."  A blonde bombshell of beauty, Niki still graces magazine covers with a more motherly spin.
  10. Tyra Banks. Tyra Banks, the creator of "America’s Next Top Model," is perhaps the most famous "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Edition cover model of all time. Tyra transitioned from couture model and runway darling to mainstream appeal with her cover and has remained a media entity ever since. She appeared on the cover of "Sports Illustrated" with a co-model one year and the next year, 1997, Tyra Banks became the first African American woman to rock the cover solo.

These ten women are ten of the hottest "Sports Illustrated" models of all time, and they will remain iconic forever.

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