10 Hottest Supermodels of the ’90s

Who do you think were the 10 hottest supermodels of the '90s? There are many from which to choose, but only a handful are "super" enough to qualify. See if you agree with this assessment of the 10 hottest supermodels of the '90s.

  1. Linda Evangelista. The Canadian-born Evangelista, one of the 10 hottest supermodels of the '90s, became famous as the face of Estee Lauder, Ralph Lauren and Christian Dior cosmetics. You may remember her with black, brown or blonde hair, short or long. She's been called the chameleon, as she can change her hairstyle and look depending upon the needs of the client.
  2. Christy Turlington. The beautiful, raven-haired Turlington was known as a smoker, and not just because she's one of the 10 hottest supermodels of the '90s. She was famous for smoking and publicly quitting in 1995. She was the face of Chanel and the body of Calvin Klein underwear.
  3. Naomi Campbell. This British bad girl was busy in the 1990s, one of the reasons she's one of the decade's hottest supermodels. She dated famous celebrities including Robert De Niro and Adam Clayton of U2. She posed for Madonna's "Sex" book and was in her controversial video, "Erotica." With all that, she still found time to model for Victoria's Secret, appear on the cover of "Vogue" many times, and was even in the Polish "Playboy" in 1998.
  4. Cindy Crawford. Was it the mole, the body or the classic all-American good looks that made Crawford one of the 10 hottest supermodels of the '90s? She married actor Richard Gere, became the face of Revlon, was the Pepsi girl, acted in a few films and even appeared nude and pregnant on the cover of a woman's magazine. Need we say any more?
  5. Claudia Schiffer. This blonde-haired, blue-eyed German beauty is one of the hottest supermodels of the '90s. She spent the decade dating David Copperfield, modeling for Victoria's Secret and L'oreal and appeared nude in a Citroen ad. She also made some workout videos that are popular among women and men (possibly for different reasons).
  6. Amber Valletta. Another American who's one of the hottest supermodels of the '90s, Valletta's career took off during that decade. She was the face of Giorgio Armani, Gucci and Versace. She was on the cover of international "Vogue" numerous times, and famously gave up drinking alcohol in the late '90s.
  7. Kate Moss. Yet another British bad girl, Moss was super in the '90s for a variety of reasons: she dated Johnny Depp, was in Calvin Klein's "Heroin Kids" ad, was what some would call skinny and graced the cover of dozens of fashion magazines. All of these contributed to making her one of the 10 hottest supermodels of the '90s.
  8. Elle Macpherson. This lovely, leggy Australian graced the cover of "Sports Illustrated" many times in the '90s. She posed nude for "Playboy" in 1994, had some prime acting roles (including Batman's girlfriend in "Batman & Robin") and made her own exercise videos. These are more than enough reasons why she's one of the 10 hottest supermodels of the '90s.
  9. Heidi Klum. This German supermodel became an international megastar in the '90s, modeling for Victoria's Secret, appearing on the cover of many fashion magazines and "Sports Illustrated," even doing a bit of acting. These are just a few reasons why she's one of that decade's hottest supermodels.
  10. Niki Taylor. Although she became famous in 2001 for that horrific car accident, Taylor's heyday as a supermodel came in the '90s. A millionaire at age sixteen in 1991, Taylor went on to become the first teenager to sign a spokesmodel contract with Cover Girl. She also modeled for L'oreal, appeared on numerous covers, married and divorced an arena football player, gave birth to two sons, and lost her younger sister all in the same decade. A lot to survive, and also why she's one of the hottest supermodels of the '90s.


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