10 House Warming Gift Ideas

Here are 10 house warming gift ideas. Moving into a new house is a big deal and should be treated as such. The gifts don’t always have to be practical but they should be relevant, or not. It really depends on the friend you are buying them for. Just make sure it’s something they would like.


  1. Gift Basket Fruit and jars of jam are a little out dated as a house-warming gift these days. Try giving a basket of bath spoils or specially design a basket for someone you know well.
  2. Prints Framed prints of Ansel Adams photos make great gifts, as well as prints from many other photographers. Take the time to find one you know they will like, there are plenty of options. You can also have a favorite movie poster or photo framed.
  3. Spa Day Moving can be stressful and painful. Get your friend a spa day or a massage to help them relax after moving into their new place.
  4. Alcohol Who doesn’t like getting alcohol? Especially when you need to wind down and celebrate your new house. Splurge and get your friend a bottle of their favorite alcohol and maybe an nice glass if they don’t have a favorite set yet.
  5. Appliance If you friend has a much-desired appliance on their mind and you’re at a loss at what to buy them as a house warming gift offer to buy them the appliance. Very few people will turn down a gift they want, even if it isn’t a surprise.
  6. Helping Hand Make your gift a helping hand. Sometimes people want to move into their new house on their own; sometimes they don’t mind the help. Offer a day as your gift if they’re willing, if not oh well.
  7. Babysit If your friend has a pet or children offer to babysit while they move or after so they can have a day to themselves. The peace and quiet will be appreciated more then most gifts.
  8. Throw A Party Throw your friend a house warming party. Small or big, depending on what they want, a celebration is an excellent gift. You can make it a small get together in their new house or a night on the town.
  9. Antiques Buy them a nice antique lamp or something else to decorate their new house with. You can find a vintage mirror or chair or a bowl, anything you think your friend would like to use to decorate their new house.
  10.  Dishes Buy them a nice set of dishes. They don’t have to be china, but you can buy them a cute set of dinnerware they can use every day. Don’t buy something that’s plain white, get something colorful and cute and a little off the wall.  
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