10 Husband And Wife Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking for a way to celebrate your marriage, you should consider one of these 10 husband and wife tattoo ideas. People are taking a different attitude toward getting tattoos that reflect a romantic relationship. What was once considered taboo is now gaining popularity, and these husband and wife tattoo ideas are only a few examples of ways to express your love through body art.

  1. Yin and yang. This is a Chinese symbol that represents duality and unity. The darker side is the feminine side, the lighter side is the masculine side. A husband and wife can get the corresponding halves of the symbol.
  2. Ball and chain. Get this tattoo for something with a humorous side. People often refer to their spouse as "the ball and chain." One person can get the ball and the other can get the chain.
  3. Infinity signs. Resembling a sideways eight, the infinity sign represents the never-ending. Matching signs can be done in any size and make a great way for a husband and wife to express never-ending love.
  4. Dog tags. A husband and wife can each get a set of dog tags as a tattoo. Anything can be written on the tags, like significant dates or expressions of love.
  5. Split heart. This is a twist on the "best friends" heart charms that used to be so popular. Instead of each heart half saying "best" and "friends," the halves can say husband and wife. 
  6. Wedding ring names. Tattoos on the wedding ring finger can either have the spouse's name or the last name of the couple. This is a great way to show love, and if you are leery of getting your spouse's name on your body, then using the shared last name is a loophole to avoid any jinxes.
  7. Key and heart. One person gets a key tattoo and the other person gets a heart tattoo with a keyhole in the middle. Get it? Key to my heart!
  8. Cartoon couples. If you want to get something with more detail, then try a famous cartoon couple tattoo. Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy and Fred and Wilma are just a few of the possibilities. The husband gets the male cartoon, the wife gets the female cartoon.
  9. Your anniversary date. This is just a simple but sentimental tattoo that can be done in fancy script or even another language. Both can get the same design or different designs, as long as the tattoos express your wedding date. 
  10. Names. This is an often tried, and sometimes failed, tattoo. But if you are brave and willing to tempt fate, then get each other's names as tattoos. Like with the ring finger tattoos, if you have a superstitious side, then consider using your shared last name.
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