10 Ideas On How To Decorate A Stairway

Here are 10 ideas on how to decorate a stairway. A stairway can be hard to decorate, awkward and twisted. There are plenty of options to make your stairs less of an eye sore.

  1. Color It you want to keep your stairway simple with minimal upkeep, try painting it a different color then the wall. Paint the banister a brighter shade then the wall behind it to make it stand out.
  2. Trim During the holiday seasons many people put a trim of leaves or ribbon on their staircase. It doesn’t have to be a holiday only thing, find a nice ribbon that matches the room.
  3. Flowers Most staircases had a small platform at the base and the top of the stairs where the railing ends. You can put a vase on the platform and change the flowers every couple of days or get some pretty fake flowers.
  4. Plant Put a plant at the bottom of the stairs or at the top to draw attention or hide something you don’t like. It also adds a little life to the stairway.
  5. Photos Many people decorate stairways with photos of their families, if you don’t want to do that you can get a set of prints of something you like, like nature scenes or cityscapes.
  6. Carpet Yes, most stairs come with carpet but don’t be afraid to change it. This might cost more then the other options but it also requires the least upkeep.
  7. Wood Get rid of the carpet if you don’t like it and have wood stairs. It can be just as stunning as having carpet. Be careful when walking up and down in socks though.
  8. Window If your staircase is on a main wall of your house, or any wall really, put a window in. If it just goes to another room you can make it a beautiful stained glass window. If it goes outside it can just be a regular window. They come in every size and shape imaginable so there’s something for everyone.
  9. Wall Candles If you don’t want pictures or a window but you don’t want a plain wall either get some candles. You can find many kinds of candleholders that will hang just like a picture on the wall. You can even use scented candles to add a nice smell as well as a nice look.
  10. Stencils You can stencil designs on the wall leading up the stairs. Fairies, leaves, words, whatever you want and it requires no upkeep.



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