10 Ideas To Spice Up Your Love Life

No matter what time of year, it's always an excellent time to reassess your sex life, so here's 10 Ideas To Spice Up Your Love Life. Sometimes amidst the wintery gloomy weather a guy may find himself in a sex slump.  It happens to the most virile men on the planet occasionally, so don’t feel bad. Try these to tips to start a conversation with your partner about how to keep the heat between the sheets on those cold winter nights. 


  1. Tell Me Where to Touch You: Guys, this isn’t always easy, but the first thing to getting the sex you want is communicating your fantasies to your sex partner.  Find a time when she is already revved up a little. Don’t just blurt out “baby I think we should try buttsex sometime” as she’s eating breakfast before work. Wait until she’s got a little kink on her mind, maybe just before or just after sex. Most importantly, she has her own fantasies, and they won’t be exactly the same as yours. You have to be willing to work your fantasies into her little sexual paradise.
  2. You’ll Never Guess What I’m Wearing: Here’s an opportunity that is sure to get her out of those flannel pajamas and onto you: go lingerie shopping. Browsing through underwear, gazing at underwear models, and then teasing the panties until they’re dirty is an excellent way to start working your way to some of your more serious fantasies.  
  3.  A Prone Position: You must find the way to your partners G-Spot, and then hit repeatedly until screamgasm occurs. There is a position in which she is susceptible to orgasm. Find it. There is no surefire way to this, because every G-spot is slightly different. Experiment—watch her face, listen to her vocalizations, watch her masturbate, and simply ask, “Is that the spot?”
  4. It Hurts So Good: A surprising amount of women like it a little rough every once in a while. Consider BDSM for new sensations. First things first: establish boundaries and a safe-word. Then you can start with a little rope, some hot wax, and a flogger.
  5. Take Her From Behind: If you know she wants it, try surprising her. As she’s standing in your kitchen daydreaming about having her legs above her head, walk up behind her, and start kissing her neck. If she’s ready, undo her pants and bend her over the kitchen table.
  6.  Anal: It’s true, some girls love anal sex. And as you were ridding her from behind, admiring the view, the thought has definitely crossed your mind. Ask her if she’s tried it. If she hasn’t, introduce her to the idea, and proceed with a toy or a finger and some lube. 
  7.  The Right Tool Is Sometimes a Toy: A vibrator on her clit is going to make your job a lot easier. Find a sex-positive shop, one that is run by and for women, and introduce it to her online.
  8. Watch Porn: In case you didn’t know, some girls like to watch porn. Some girls even like to make porn. You definitely watch porn. Ask her about porn. You’ll probably wind up on a free site watching some videos and then imitating them.
  9. Threesomes: You want to have sex with more than one person at once. Never forget that. First ask her if she’s done it, and ask her about bisexuality. Consider inviting a guy—some men totally get off watching their girl go at it with another man. Look for someone on a dating site, or perhaps attend a local sex party.
  10. Isn't It Romantic: This goes with out saying, as it is based in cliché, But sure, light some candles, make some dinner, go to a movie, snuggle a little bit. It’s even better if you spent the previous six hours going through steps 1-9.


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