10 Ideas For Studio Apartments For Men

Ten ideas for studio apartments for men include practical staging for furniture and simple decorating suggestions. A studio apartment poses a number of major problems for the owner, including where to put furniture to make the most of the space, how to segment the living area into usable space and how to bring the design concept together to make a unified theme. The key is to develop a major design theme and stick to it when adding furniture and accessories. Some ideas for studio apartments for men include both inexpensive and high-end decoration. 

  1. Focus on the kitchen.  This studio apartment idea focuses on the kitchen and is a great style innovation for someone who loves to cook. The studio needs a central counter and stools or a studio breakfast bar with stools. The stove and countertops need a central color scheme and a focus on cooking tools such as colorful utensils and towels.            
  2. Focus on the view. For studio apartments for men with a view, the decorations all point to the fabulous view. Turn the chairs and sofa toward the windows and adjust the rugs so that the first focus when visitors enter the apartment is toward the daytime or nighttime view.            
  3. Design around a bedroom cube. Studio apartment owners with an interesting bed might feature the bed with screens in a bedroom cube. This organization that creates a secluded sleeping area also gives the appearance of a separate bedroom.             
  4. Focus on draping the room. Draping provides warmth and adds a decorative touch without adding any furniture that would fill a studio apartment space. Drapes on the windows and between rooms provide a delineation of separate living areas. Make sure all drapes are made from the same fabric to make the apartment look bigger.          
  5. Focus on folded screens to divide the room. For men with studio apartments and a bit of cash, pick up wooden or bamboo folding screens to create matching room dividers. Tall apartment ceilings need tall screens to give the feeling of separate areas.         
  6. Focus on a single piece of furniture. Use one dramatic or unusual piece of furniture to make a studio apartment statement. A large chair or sofa is a good place to start for a studio apartment.             
  7. Focus on art. Large paintings or a number of smaller pieces of art is another design idea for studio apartments for men. Coordinate colors, frames or themes of the art to keep the studio apartment from looking like a mish-mash of eye candy.             
  8. Mirrored impact using reflective surfaces. Select two walls and use mirrors to give depth to a studio apartment for men.           
  9. Focus on mobile furnishings. For studio apartments for men who like to frequently mix things up, furnishings with wheels allow men to redesign on a regular basis. 
  10. Focus on multiple colors. Color can create a unique living space without spending a ton of bucks. Take time to select coordinating colors and create the design on paper before putting anything on the walls. Select soothing or bright colors to match your mood. 


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