10 Ideas For Wedding Anniversary

A list of 10 ideas for wedding anniversary will most certainly help you make the day extra special. Your wedding anniversary is a very special day. It is the day when you take the time to celebrate making the decision to share your life with someone you love. So, make sure that you put the time and effort, and you turn this day into an extraordinary occasion. Whether it is your first year, or your fiftieth year, going the extra mile and researching some wedding anniversary ideas is always a good idea. 

  1. Purchase a gift that correlates to your wedding anniversary’s respective year. Each wedding anniversary has a specific material attached to it. For instance, year one is paper; year five is wood; ten is tin; twenty five is silver; and fifty is gold. So, buy a gift that includes that year’s special material. 
  2. Take your wife out for a special night out on the town. Sure, this wedding anniversary idea might not be that unique, but honestly it does not have to be. If you give your significant other a reason to dress up, she will love you for it. So take her to an upscale restaurant, or score tickets to that hit show. 
  3. Schedule a fun afternoon full of fun, playful activities. This is a great way to show that you still have that youthful fun spark. You spouse will love seeing all the different anniversary ideas that you have come up. You can go fly kite, take her out for some ice cream, go for a bike ride or have a picnic in the park. The key is to have fun. 
  4. Plan a simple one or two day getaway. Too many people think that have to go somewhere exotic on their wedding anniversary. You do not. Just the simple act of getting away can be a great wedding anniversary idea. You can even stay in a hotel that is located in your hometown. The key is to just get away. 
  5. Take an extended vacation. Of course, planning an extended week long, or more, vacation is never a bad idea. Going away with your loved one is a great way to reinforce your bond of love. 
  6. Paint a picture, craft a poem, write a story or compose a song that celebrates your love for you spouse. This is a great and unique way to tell your wife about your most intimate feelings; and the best part is that, unlike a card, it truly comes from you.
  7. Planning a wedding anniversary party. Planning a party is an awesome way to celebrate your anniversary. Incorporating family and friends will sort of help you reenact that special day. 
  8. Give her a whole day full of fun surprises. A great wedding anniversary idea is to plan little surprises throughout the entire day, or for the whole week leading up to the special event. You can start out by giving a massage. Then, surprise her with delivered flowers, chocolates or small gifts throughout the day. Interlacing the whole affair with quick phone calls that say, “I love you,” can top the whole thing off. 
  9. Create a scrapbook, collage, photo album or love box of your life together. Giving a gift full of memories is often the ultimate act. 
  10. Take out an ad in your local paper or on your local radio station. Don’t just tell your loved one how you feel, tell the whole world. 
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