10 Indie Fashion Tips

Using these 10 Indie fashion tips will help you maintain your style and express your genre of choice. The overall key of Indie fashion is to not follow the trends of fashion magazines or Hollywood . Never be afraid to step out of the box and insert your own fashion ideas into your wardrobe and accessories. Your Indie style should be as individual as you are.

  1. Cuts. Hair is often the first thing noticed on a person. This Indie fashion tip suggests you choose a non-traditional cut. Try angles and uneven layers to set you apart from the crowd. Ask a professional to assist you in choosing an out of the box cut to fit your face while staying within your genre.
  2. Signature. An Indie fashion tip to set you apart is to create your own signature. If you like apples, decorate your clothes with apples and wear apple shaped jewelry. Animals, crosses and other symbols or music notes might be your signature. Whatever it is, use it often.
  3. Eyeliner. For a guy or a girl, use a little eyeliner. Play with the pencil to make different shapes and experiment with using different lines to create new looks for your eyes. The right application can reshape the appearance of your eyes.
  4. Bottoms. Regardless of what Hollywood says is in style for jeans or skirts, stick to your own style. Skinny jeans are not for everyone. Take this Indie fashion tip and choose bottoms that fit you. Experiment with the different styles and visit thrift stores for a possible retro Indie fashion statement.
  5. Shoes. Leave the Nikes and Keds to the preps. This Indie fashion tip will not only save you money, but keep you separate from the wanna-bes. Choose shoes or boots with lots of decorations or colors. Do not be afraid of plaid or striped patterns.
  6. Accessories. This Indie fashion tip is simple. Wear a lot of accessories. Layer necklaces of different composition along with bracelets, and earrings. Forget the diamond studs and go for six plastic hoops.
  7. Scarves and Bandanas. Scarves and bandanas are versatile items. An Indie fashion tip that will save you money is to invest in a few basic bandanas and scarves and use them on the head, around the arms, around the tops of shoes or ties around the knee.
  8. Tattoos. This Indie fashion tip may not be for everyone, but when getting a tattoo, choose your own design. Disregard the flash or pre-drawn pictures on the walls of tattoo parlors.
  9. Body paint. Indie fashion tip number nine is to experiment with body paint. Add to your individuality by painting your signature symbol on your face, arm or other exposed body parts.
  10. Fabric paint. The final Indie fashion tip is to use some fabric paint. Use stencils from craft stores to paint your jeans, shirts, jackets or hats to make them all your own.
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