10 Indoor Date Ideas Phoenix

Here are 10 indoor date ideas for Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix has beautiful sunny skies year around. People flock to the area, particularly in the winter time. Summers can be extremely hot, so you may find yourself on a hot date when going outside is not the best idea in the world. Consider these indoor date ideas in Phoenix for a cool change from the hot Phoenix weather.

  1. Dress up and head out to Camarones in the Westgate City Center. For a $10 cover charge, you and your date can receive Salsa dancing lessons. Dancing is a great way to socialize and see how well you can get along learning the dance steps. After the lessons, you can dance the night away and practice your new found skills. Chamarones, 6970 North 95th Avenue (623) 772-1110
  2. Get your hands dirty by heading over to the Arizona Science Museum. You can your date can explore the exhibits and learn something about each other at the same time. This is a great destination, especially on Wednesdays when the entrance fee is a donation. Here you can relax and be a bit goofy and see if your date is uptight. Arizona Science Museum, 600 East Washington Street,  Phoenix, Arizona 85004.
  3. Make an indoor tent. If you and your date know each other well, consider throwing a blanket over the top of two straight-backed chairs to create a cozy space for two. The intimate and playful atmosphere is a great place for a conversation while you munch on cookies and milk.
  4. Check out the local wine-tasting available in Phoenix. There are many tasting rooms and different types of wine to check out in Phoenix. Enjoy them with your date while you relax in the interesting settings.
  5. Head out to your local thrift store to challenge your date to a spending spree. The rules are simple. Each of you have $5 to spend to find something fun for your date to wear. Try to find a complete outfit for each other and wear them to a movie theater.
  6. Put together a jigsaw puzzle. Rainy days in Phoenix can be a great time to belly up to a table and enjoy putting a puzzle together and just enjoy each other's company.
  7. Rent some ice skates at the local ice rink. There is no better way to cool off than to head over to the indoor ice rink for some fun. Ice skating is fun even if neither of you know how to skate. It's great to help each other get around the rink and take a break to enjoy some hot chocolate while you watch other skaters.
  8. Go on a dessert only date. Have dinner at home, then dress up and head out to one of the fanciest restaurants in town. You will get to enjoy the luxurious atmosphere without having to drop a fortune on an entire dinner.
  9. Check out your local public library or bookstore. Huge libraries are great for playing hide and seek. Just be sure you don't disturb any other visitors. You can also go to the children's section and pick out your favorite books to curl up in some quiet corner and read to each other.
  10. Group four or five candles of various heights and light them for a relaxing atmosphere. Turn off the lights and snuggle down together on the couch and enjoy your "fire". You can tell ghost stories, or just enjoy the peace and quiet of being together.

Indoor dating do not have to be fancy or expensive in Phoenix. Just use your imagination and these tips to jump start you to your own creative ideas.  You will find that the best indoor dates in Phoenix burn hotter than the scorching sun outside.

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