10 Indoor Date Ideas

Check out these 10 date ideas to jump start a romantic evening. Whether you are on your first date, or have been married for twenty years, dating helps your relationship to flourish. Sometimes, however, the weather just will not cooperate for an outdoor date and you need a good date idea for the indoors.

  1. Bake some cookies from scratch. Work together in the kitchen to create some fresh, out-of-the-oven cookies. While your significant other is tending to the last batch, sneak off into another part of the house and construct a tent from couch cushions or a blanket thrown over the back of a couple of chairs. The idea is to make an intimate setting like you did when you were a kid. Take a plate of cookies and two glasses of ice-cold milk and have a snack in your intimate setting.
  2. Have fun trying your hand at carving. Get either two pumpkins, two cartons of ice cream, or make two blocks of ice by filling plastic jugs with water and letting them freeze solid. Hand your date the proper tools so that each of you can create something. Ice cream is your best bet. You can always feed each other a spoonful of "shavings" as you work.
  3. Build a fire in the fire place and sip hot chocolate while you take turns reading poetry or listening to music together. If you do not have a fireplace, use candles instead. Group three or four candles together and light them to enjoy with your hot chocolate.
  4. Go skating. There are many indoor skating rinks available. Not into skating? Try bowling a few frames together.
  5. Check out the local scene. Go to a dance or enjoy a night of karaoke. Talk your date into a duet and have a good laugh together.
  6. Visit a museum or art gallery. Enjoy the displays together and share your likes and dislikes with each other.
  7. Go to a bookstore or library and head for the children's section. Take turns reading children's books to each other.
  8. Treat your date to a day spa adventure. Enjoy a couple's massage and be sure to enjoy the sauna or Jacuzzi together for a relaxing date. If you would rather stay home, treat your date with a massage. Present her with a selection of massage oils. Let her pick out a scent and massage the oils into her shoulders and arms.
  9. Go to a clothing store. A fun indoor date can be had selecting and trying on clothes. Let him pick you out an outfit while you choose one for him. Go to the dressing room and change then model for each other. Best of all, it does not have to cost a penny.
  10. Check out the newspaper. If you just cannot find anything to do, check out the local section of your newspaper. There may be a play, concert or unique sporting event the two of you can enjoy.

With a little planning, you can have a wonderful evening indoors that will touch your date's heart by doing something creative and fun. You cannot talk and get to know your date at the movies,but you can get to know each other and really connect by planning simple indoor activities.

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