10 Infamous Skydiving Deaths

Skydiving is a dangerous sport and as such there are many sad, infamous, and interesting deaths, here are 10 infamous skydiving deaths. Skydiving, despite being a thrilling experience, is also a dangerous one. There are a hundred things that can go wrong and it takes a lot of work for it to right. As it is with all semi-dangerous sports skydiving has a painful history of accidental and not so accidental deaths.

  1. Perris, CA – Two similar incidents happened in Perris, CA, in which two skydivers slammed into one another in mid air. In one case, only one of the skydivers was killed, while the other had to undergo surgery to his head and chest to survive. This incident followed another case in which two skydiving instructors hit one another in mid air causing their parachutes to deflate. Both were killed.
  2. Queensland – Another tragic case in which a mid air collision played a role in the death of skydiver. The skydiver was an instructor and coach, who had written an article on how to avoid collisions in the air. She was a member of the IPC and APF and had more the 7,000 jumps under her belt. She was pronounced dead on arrival at the local hospital after colliding with another skydiver in the air.
  3. Belgium – Some skydiving deaths have nothing to do with accidents in the air. An incident involving several Dutch skydivers lad to the death of one female skydiver when another female skydiver cut vital cords in her parachute right before she jumped. Her parachute never opened and she landed in a suburban garden 13,000 feet below, dead on impact. Police believe it was murder over the lover the two women shared, also a skydiver who jumped that day. She was eventually found guilty.
  4. California – A female skydiver was killed in California after her parachute malfunctioned. When she opened her main parachute the main canopy was spinning, the skydiver managed to perform a cutaway but at too low an altitude. She did not have enough time to deploy her reserve parachute before she hit the ground.
  5. Kansas – In skydiving, trees can be as deadly as a gun. A skydiver in Kansas died from injuries he sustained after jumping and landing in a tree. His parachute deflated after he hit the tree and he then feel to the ground, he died at a local hospital from injuries sustained in the fall. He had over 600 jumps under his belt.
  6. Netherlands – A skydiver in the Netherlands committed suicide by rigging his reserve parachute with an extra pin so it wouldn’t open. He then jumped, opened his main parachute and then cutaway.  He never tried to open his reserve parachute and simply fell to the ground. He was an experienced diver with over a thousand jumps under his belt. The reason for his suicide was never released.
  7. Virginia – A skydiving instructor was taking a student up for a license check when the student noticed the instructors reserve parachute was loose. He tried to contain it but the parachute was activated and the instructor flew out of the airplane and hit the plane’s stabilizer. A search party was sent out to find the instructor who descended under the reserve parachute. He was found the next day and its believe he died when his head hit the plane stabilizer.
  8. Australia – Even experienced skydivers can make mistakes. A skydiver with 600 jumps under his belt misjudged his landing and moved to avoid landing on a construction site and power lines. He survived the landing but died hours later at the hospital from his injuries.
  9. Canada – Electrical lines are never safe. A student skydiving in Canada was on his first jump when he accidently flew into electrical lines that were off the drop zone. He was killed instantly.
  10. Florida – An experienced skydiver in Florida died tragically when his parachute opened so violently that it rendered him unconscious in the air. He never regained consciousness and his parachute began to turn. It continued to turn until both hit the ground.  



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