10 Interesting Facts About John Mayer

Here are 10 interesting facts about John Mayer. When you read the name or see his picture, the first thoughts that pop into your head are of guitars, women, and outspoken interviews. This talented singer/songwriter has been the focus of much gossip within the past few years, and the public has learned intricate details of his personal life during that time. Although the media has made him the headline for a plethora of their articles, very few have taken the opportunity to learn of the absolute quirkiness that is John Mayer. A man with an unrelenting tongue and colorful past, there is much more to John Mayer than the average tabloid would have you believe. Here are ten more interesting facts that help to make up one of the most influential musicians of this generation:

  1. His parents are 19 years apart in age – His father Richard is 82 and his mother Margaret is only 63. Their divorce was official last year.
  2. He started playing guitar at age 13 –  After seeing the movie "Back to the Future", John Mayer was so inspired by Michael J. Fox's guitar performance that he then began guitar lessons and started renting his first guitar.
  3. His obsession with music scared his parents –  Once he started into his passion for guitar, his parents became so scared of how much time and energy he put into it that they made him go see a psychologist, TWICE!
  4. He is a designer on the side –  John Mayer has collaborated on the design of at least six guitars and two amplifiers. He has also made T-shirts, guitar totes, and loves designing sneakers.
  5. He has a serious fear of going insane –   Growing up, John Mayer had a series of significant panic attacks which developed into a fear of becoming mentally insane. He continues to take Xanax for the phobia.
  6. He's changed his reason for staying in the music industry –  Admittedly accomplishing every goal that he had set out with, John Mayer has now decided that his rational for staying in the music industry is to confuse people and to prove people wrong.
  7. He had issues with schooling – Once he discovered his love for guitar,John  Mayer began to have significant problems at school. After getting sent to the Dean's Office, he explained that he wasn't purposely being rude to the teachers and faculty. He was frustrated that he shouldn't be in school, but rather playing guitar.
  8. He has Jewish roots –  Richard, his father, is Jewish, and John Mayer has stated numerous times that he relates to Judaism. He also practices Krav Maga, which is a hand to hand combat method that was developed in Israel.
  9. He's unembarrassed about his love of Miley Cyrus –  Claiming that "The Climb" is one of the best pop songs, John Mayer has met Cyrus and attended her concert.
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