10 Interesting Facts About Ludacris

Surely there are ten interesting facts about Ludacris, a popular American multi-platinum rapper and actor who released his first album in 2000. He has since risen quickly to fame. Here are these interesting facts about Ludacris that you may have not already known:

  1. Ludacris isn't his real name. Ludacris, of course, is the rapper’s stage name, but his real name is Christopher Brian Bridges.
  2. Ludacris founded a foundation using his stage name. Another interesting fact about Ludacris is that he founded a foundation in 2000 to help high schoolers become more interested in the arts, The Ludacris Foundation.
  3. Ludacris was dropped as a spokesperson from Pepsi. After Bill O’Reilly, a well-known American political commentator, television host, syndicated columnist, and author, protested thar Ludacris was a spokesperson for Pepsi, Ludacris was dropped as a spokesperson for the well-known company.
  4. The rapper is related to another well-known person. A not so well-known, but interesting fact about Ludacris is that he is related to another celebrity. Ludacris and, famous comedian, actor, and rapper, Katt Williams are cousins.
  5. He previously worked at a radio station. Ludacris was an intern, and later a DJ for Hot 97.5 FM in Atlanta, GA before his rap career took off.
  6. His daughter has an interesting name. Another interesting fact about Ludacris is that his daughter is named Karma, whose mother is Christine White, an attorney in Atlanta.
  7. Ludacris is the co-founded of a record label. Ludacris co-founded "Disturbing tha Peace," a management company and record label, with Chaka Zulu, who is his manager, and Jeff Dixon.
  8. Ludacris has one many awards. A notable interesting fact about Ludacris is the variety of awards he has won including, Grammy Awards, Screen Actors Guild awards, MTV awards, and Critic’s Choice awards.
  9. The rapper has Native American ancestry. Ludacris is of Native American descent, as well as African American descent.
  10. Ludacris attended a state university.  Ludacris attended Atlanta’s Benjamin Banneker High and later, Georgia State University.



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