10 Interior Decorating Ideas For Men

Looking for 10 Interior Decorating Ideas? Though fashion, metro sexual interests, and hobbies have most likely reached the pinnacle in the male race during our evolution, most of us still haven’t the first clue on how to furnish our humble abodes. Most of man's habitation looks as if it were an old, condemned building scheduled for demolition due to the overwhelming disorder that has been birthed from our sloth.


To obtain a perfect bachelor pad, there are ten furnishings it must contain:


  1. Masturbation Station. This section of your living quarters should be kept hidden at all times.  When you have company over you don't want to appear as a sex addicted pleasure junkie. It doesn't bring you closer to hitting a homerun with your date. A small room or a closet will work just fine. In here should be a plethora of adult films, toilet tissue, lotion, etc. Toys are never a bad idea. Don't be afraid to explore and try new things with yourself.  The 72 inch high definition tv you recently purchased for the sports games should be in here as well. It is very important that your masturbation station contains the nicest boobtube in the house for optimum viewing pleasure.
  2. Entertainment. Aside from entertaining yourself in the back room with a fall out shelter sign posted on the door, you need to keep your guests happy. Buy a pool table. Who doesn't love pool? Find the biggest billiard table you can. It's best if the table is close to the size of the area you place it. It makes the game more challenging.  If you can get your hands on an authentic Playboy pinball machine, you'll be a real winner.
  3. A bar. This addition is vital when decorating the interior of your home. Alcohol needs to be readily at hand, otherwise there is no point to any of this. Go out and buy some lumber and nails from your local hardware store and construct! Keep it unique so you are one above the rest. Try a fish tank bar.
  4. An abundance of ashtrays. You might think that they are unnecessary, but they are not. An ashtray is almost as important as the bar.
  5. Jukebox. You need some sweet tunes whether you are in your station, being entertained or sitting at the bar. With today's technology, an iPod and a set of decent speakers will do.
  6. Nice furniture. Any interior decorator will tell you furniture is what brings the whole place together. In order to keep your interior looking fresh, you need some sweet couches and tables. It shows that you are classy. Go to Ikea and buy some cheap chairs and tacky tables.  Raid those bargain bins-you may find something useful.
  7. A bed with a furry animal print cover. This is strictly only for impressing your female acquaintances. Having a furry zebra print blanket gives them the impression that you are an untamed animal and may go wild at any time. It keeps them on their feet and they never know what to expect. 
  8. Artwork. Always think about the placement of artwork before anything else when you are furnishing your bachelor pad. It is very important where you hang a painting. If it’s on the wrong wall, it can throw the whole vibe of the room off. Go out and buy some posters of Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro because cinema ads of old gangster movies are always cool. Putting up swimsuit models or nude women aren't bad ideas, either.
  9. Musical instruments. Chicks dig dudes who play guitar. Set up a nice stage so when you have the “bros” over you can rock n' roll. Because of the high expenses of this sector, an alternative solution can be to purchase some version of the Rock Band video game and set it up in your entertainment area. Kill two birds with one stone.
  10. An arsenal. Though guns and artillery are more so an outdoor activity, always store them in the open inside your bachelor pad because it looks badass. It shows that you don't mess around.


These ten areas are very important and should be taken very seriously with decorating your bachelor pad. They are not suggestions; they are instructions.  Cherish them wisely.


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