10 Intimacy Tips

Here are 10 intimacy tips that you may want to think about incorporating into your love life. We all need a little help in the intimacy department from time to time. There’s no shame in it! If you want to improve your love life, these intimacy tips can help do so.

  1. Shave before getting intimate. Women do not enjoy an unshaved face. To them it feels like a porcupine scraping across their lips and body.
  2. Be gentle. Women love to be touched and stroked during sex but be careful to not be too rough with a woman while doing so. Use only your hands and finger tips while sensually massaging her and remember to be sensitive.
  3. Make sure not to crush her. Generally, men weigh more than women. If you are on top of a woman do not allow all of your body weight to be on her at once. If you do, she may turn blue!
  4. Don’t forget about her climaxing. Men tend to climax first so it’s easy to forget about the girl. Try to be courteous and take the time to get her to climax as well.
  5. Don’t focus on one single area of her body for too long. It can get boring for a girl if you spend all of your time focusing on only her vagina or breasts, etc. It’s fine to spend some time on these areas, but if you are in any one place for too long your partner could start to lose interest. Remember, you an entire body to pay attention to and explore.
  6. Never tweak a girl’s nipples. No, her nipples are not radio knobs, so do not treat them as such! A lot of men twiddle nipples between their finger and thumb as if they are trying to find a radio station. Girls hate this. Try to focus on her entire breast, not just the nipple and never tweak her nipples.
  7. Use protection. If you are with a new partner you should always use protection. If your current partner is not on some type of birth control use protection. Condoms can help prevent pregnancy as well as some STD's.
  8. Try new things. Routines can get boring! Spice things up by introducing new things such as toys, role playing, etc.
  9. Laugh about it. Laugh with your partner about your sexual escapades. Laughing can help reduce the embarrassment or awkwardness the two of you may feel at times during intimacy.
  10. Warn her. While your partner is performing oral sex, you should warn her before you climax so that she can do what is necessary. Sperm doesn’t exactly taste great. Pprepare her for what’s coming.
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