10 Italian Erotic Films

 The 10 Italian Erotic films are all exquisite films inundated with sexy scenes. They are all great movies that feature excellent acting and plots. These 10 Italian Erotic Films are all racy films that should not be missed.

  1. "The Night Porter": This controversial film captures the relationship of a previous holocaust victim and a former Nazi. The two engage in a sadomasochistic erotic relationship post world war II. This is sadomasochistic erotica pushing the boundaries to a new extreme.
  2. "His Secret Life": Part of an erotic trilogy, this film portrays the story of a widow who discovers her husband had a male lover. This movie's plot is exceptional and an excellent film.
  3. "Ossessione": This film portrays a relationship between a married woman and a drifter who works for the husband. They develop a connected relationship that becomes increasingly erotic throughout the film. This is truly one of the 10 best Italian Erotic films.
  4. "Open My Heart": Fusing sex and violence, this film is a myriad of charged content. It features numerous erotic themes and a well-developed intriguing plot. The story and sex scenes make this one of the 10 best Italian erotic films.
  5. "Private": This film explores couples seeking new ways to express their sexuality. The film is a masterful piece of erotica, surrounded with racy scenes, great music, and vibrant colors.
  6. "Secrets of a Call Girl": A shop girl engages in an abusive relationship with a crime leader. She quickly becomes a prostitute while facing a violent and suffering life. This suspenseful film is not to be missed.
  7. "The City of Women": This film features beautiful and talented actresses. The film explores women who sexually fantasize controlling and dominating men. This is without a doubt one of the 10 best Italian Erotic films.
  8. "Caligula": This film shows the historical background a Roman emperor's rise and fall. It also features the incest, elaborate orgies, and many other erotic scenes. This is a truly notorious and well-made erotic film.
  9. "The Key": This film is an adaptation of a work by a Japanese author. The film is recreated to be set in post-war Venice and is infiltrated with erotic scenes and themes.
  10. "Private": This film is a classic example of Italian erotica. Made by the same director of "Caligula" and "The Key," It is a great work of erotic that should not be missed.
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