10 Italian Tattoos for Men Ideas

Here are 10 Italian tattoo ideas to celebrate your heritage. Italian tattoos were historically used to mark slaves and criminals for identification should they escape captivity and common men were forbidden to get them. Today, they are extremely popular all over the world and many people get them to celebrate their culture and heritage.

Italian Cross. This idea is among the most versatile tattoo symbols and the popular Latin crosses usually symbolize the Christian religion. They come in many different styles and sizes and are mostly worn on the shoulders, back and forearms. These designs vary from very colorful to a solid black outline.

Italian Horn. This type of tattoo is known for bringing good luck and warding off evil spirits. While it has a long history, it’s also becoming the new trend. Designs are available in several shapes and colors, such as the colors of the flag and they express the wearer’s personal style. This type of tattoo also refers to a person’s Italian descent and cultural influences.

Italian Flag. This type of tattoo is basic, so to wear it with honor and style it may need to be redesigned a little. The more intriguing of a design, the bolder and more impressive it will appear. Incorporating the flag with the country’s shape or landscape, a cross, a horn or even Italian cuisine are some great Italian tattoo ideas to try.

Italian Language. These tattoos are extra famous and even Lindsey Lohan sports one which says, “life is beautiful.” Doing a little homework before getting one of these tattoos is essential to make sure that the interpretation is accurate. Some different popular tattoo phrase ideas are “love rules without rules,” or “like father, like son.”

Star Outlines. Star outlines are used to decorate other tattoos and they’re typically used to enhance Italian tattoos of all kinds. These can be incorporated with Italian tattoos that you already have or they can be a part of a new design. These are famous with men and a popular tattoo idea is a cross bones and skull on the forearm with a black outlined star below it on the wrist.

Italian Cuisine. These Italian tattoo designs may be complicated and some thoughts include veggies, old world Italian chefs and a bottle of wine or pizza. These are generally colourful and there is a lot of traditional Italian delicacies to pick out from.

Daggers. These tattoos can be as small or large as you want and are usually worn at the arm. Some tattoo thoughts include a heart with a dagger through it surrounded by flames or a dagger going through a rose with a folk’s name simply underneath the daggers handle.

Gondola. An interesting idea for an Italian tattoo is the gondola. Picture a gondola peacefully traveling the canals of Venice or Italy. These tattoos can cover a massive vicinity of skin and can also be used to cover up old tattoos.

Italian Landmarks. Landmarks make outstanding tattoo ideas and they can be as creative as the designer wishes. Some ideas are the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Roman Coliseum or the fortress known as the Castel Sant’Angelo. These designs can be transformed to add color and accent or customized for added flair.

Italian Crest. There are many different types of crest tattoos, so there is a lot of room for diversity. Some ideas are the Italian Coat of Arms, the Italian-American Shield or the Eccentric Crest.

The best Italian tattoo ideas come from the Italian background and tradition and there are many distinctive styles to choose from. These tattoos are fantastic for celebrating your personal heritage or in case you just simply like the looks of these tattoos.


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