10 Japanese Fashion Tips

Want to learn at least 10 Japanese fashion tips? Maybe you’re visiting Japan and want to fit in with the locals or perhaps you want to just want to stay true to your Japanese heritage. Not matter what the case, here are some trends you should know about.

  1. Wear what you like. Want to wear a striped T-shirt with a plaid jacket? Then go for it! One of the most interesting facts about Japanese fashion is the necessity of wearing clothing that they feel best represents them, so get to know the inner you and don’t be afraid to experiment!
  2. Explore the punk and emo clothing scenes. This is one of the best Japanese fashion tips for younger people who want to fit in. Band T-shirts, plaid, dark and vibrant colors are all representative of the punk and emo styles. Also be sure to experiment with hair color, which may range from Mohawks to unique hair colors, such as pink or large chunky highlights.
  3. Consider wearing skirts. It is a popular trend in Japan for men to wear a skirt, which is very similar to the kilt fashion trend. Choose a solid colored skirt to wear over a pair of jeans.
  4. Opt for darker colors. This is especially one of the Japanese fashion tips for men who are trying to follow punk or emo fashion styles. Keep in mind that is not at all uncommon for people in Japan to wear entirely black clothing.
  5. Know the difference between casual and workplace clothing. Japanese men will not make the mistake of wearing a T-shirt of their favorite punk band on the job.
  6. Embrace neutral colors. Although black is very popular, colors like tan, gray, and white also very popular. This is one of the Japanese fashion tips to be aware of because men in particular tend to avoid bright or vibrant colors that make them stand out too much.
  7. Try out some different patterns. Men in Japan commonly wear plaid, stripers, and camouflage. Punk and emo Japanese men may wear polka dots and other youthful patterns.
  8. Invest in a jacket. Keep in mind that jacket trends in Japan come and go. Form fitting and leather jackets are pretty much evergreen, however.
  9. Accessorize. This is one of the most important Japanese fashion tips. Many people in Japanese wear glasses even though they don’t need them and watches even if they don't use them.
  10. Wear boots. Men in Japan don’t seem to follow the sneakers trend. Instead, they wear boots of all types, ranging from work boots to rain boots.

These are just 10 Japanese fashion tips that men should be aware of. Whether you are just interested in learning more about Japanese fashion or intend to visit Japan, these fashion tips should help!

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