10 Jay Z Money Quotes

These 10 Jay-Z money quotes showcase Jay-Z's most clever financial references from his vast catalogue, dating back to 1996. If any rapper is equipped to talk money, it's the guy who made the cover of Forbes Magazine with Warren Buffet: Jay-Z.

  1. "Willies want to rub shoulders, your money's too young, see me when it gets older, ya bank account grow up." This Jay-Z quote from "Money Aint a Thang" is worth its weight in gold for its sheer bravado and wit. Comparing net worth to puberty puts economic adolescents in a league beneath Jay.
  2. "As if you didn't know, Jay's about getting dough, spitting flow like fine wine down your earlobe." On "Cashmere Thoughts," this quote from Jay-Z contains vintage verbs that intoxicate your sense of hearing with rhythmic accuracy. It is a vivid upper class tongue-twister.
  3. "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man…let me handle my business, damn." So simple, yet this money quote from Kanye West's "Diamond's from Sierra Leone" remix could fill the entire room with its CEO status. It is like the perfect bumper sticker, or a mission statement for Jay-Z's entire enterprise.
  4. "And the watches be all types and shapes of stones, Being broke is childish and I'm quite grown." This monetary quote from Notorious B.I.G.'s "I Love the Doe" sums up Jay-Z's sums – extra large! He gets right to the point without sounding simplistic.
  5. "I'm flyer than all outdoors, I ball out pause, I buy, champagne companies, I'm past buyin out bars." Jay-Z decides to remake Lil Wayne's "A Milli" and call it "A Billi" – for a billion dollars. His upward mobility is definitely not that of a wino with this quote.
  6. "I make the means justify the ends, I make the cream materialize keys to a Benz." With this remix to "In My Lifetime," Jay-Z's first solo song release, he puts emphasis on his strong business practices. And in his lifetime, the results end up being the finer things in life. 
  7. "I got watches I ain't seen in months, apartment at the Trump; I only slept in once." When Jay-Z partners up with Nas for the song "Success," he spares no expense. He definitely makes excess sound like a great problem to have.
  8. "You gotta pardon Jay, for sellin out the Garden (Madison Square Garden) in a day, I'm like a young Marvin (Marvin Gaye) in his hey'(heyday)." Jay-Z wouldn't be among the richest musicians if he wasn't a performer in high demand. He sounds ready to follow in the foot steps of legends like Marvin Gaye – not a bad goal at all.
  9. "Leave the mall with garbage bags, Gucci this, Prada that, Roll witcha boy you'll be poppin tags." Not one to dress anything less than fresh, this Jay-Z quote from "Poppin' Tags" is nothing less than a shopping spree. And none of these tags contain bargain prices.
  10. "You beer money, I'm all year money, I'm popping, you ain't got to count it, it's all there money." When Jay-Z addresses "Imaginary Players" with this big money quote, you will either feel jealous or truly inspired by his success. The moral of this story is to avoid the "imaginary" and become a "Reality Player" instead.
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