10 Jobs That Pay Over 100k

The ten jobs that pay over 100k a year include occupations that require advanced education and skill and expertise in the field. Some occupations have the opportunity to earn well over $100,000, but the earning power depends on the skill of the person and the geographic location where the person plies their trade. Big cities add cash to the salary pot, while small towns usually pay less. While 100k jobs were rare twenty years ago, beginning with the turn of 2000, many folks joined the salary ranks of 100k or more. Some military retirees working a second job after twenty years of service reach the $100,000 mark, as do some college and high school teachers with many years of service and a Ph.D. degree. The bottom line is: 100k is not the amount that it used to be. 

  1. Medical doctor, dentist and surgeon. Plan on earning a minimum of $100,000 for entry level jobs in the medical field. This career also comes with a big ticket debt for undergraduate and a minimum of nine years of education, so the yearly payoff may not be as attractive once you make payments for the student loans. 
  2. Petroleum engineer. Engineer jobs wax and wane with the economy, but oil engineers have a steady job, according to the US Labor Department raking in more than 100k each year. Success in finding oil brings added bonuses. 
  3. Pharmacist. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, part of the U.S. Department of Labor, report that there is a current shortage of pharmacists. This career specialist attends medical school and also must take advance course work and training focusing on drugs. Think big tuition debt, but also explore the possibilities of hooking up with a chain store where the company may spring for the costs of your education in exchange for service in one of the stores. 
  4. College and university dean. Deans at education institutions make over 100k and higher level deans, provosts, vice-presidents and presidents make even more. The salary for some leaders of major American public and private universities is in the range of $1 million. Yes, that is million. That figure doesn't include all the perks that go along with the job, including a free house and car. The figure also doesn't include retirement pay or medical payments.
  5. Attorney. Law jobs can pay poverty wages or salaries that average over 100k, depending on your geographic location, legal specialty and how good you are at your job. High ticket earnings for law include working with large drug and oil companies and big insurance corporations. 
  6. Financial bond trader and stock broker. Successful financial traders make well more than $100k and some can earn near the $1 million mark in commissions — legal, that is. 
  7. Chief Executive Officer. A CEO is simply a high-ranking officer in an organization, but a CEO for a major firm can make millions as a yearly salary. CEO positions join other corporate officers, including the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, in raking in more than the $100k figure, earning the jobs a place on the list of jobs that pay over 100k
  8. Commercial real estate broker. Real estate sales workers can earn high, but most in the job make a moderate salary. Commercial real estate brokers, during great economic times, make well more than $100k for an annual salary. 
  9. Aviation chief. Pilots supervising other pilots for an airline make major coin. Private pilots for major corporations also earn more than the 100k salary point. 
  10. Computer programmer, data manager and computer security officer. Computer operators are another categories of jobs where workers earn little to mega bucks, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

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