10 Kama Sutra Sex Tips

If you are trying to spice up things in the bedroom, then here are the best ten kama sutra sex tips. These sex tips are guaranteed to bring the spark back into your love life.

  1. Rocking Chair. Sit on the edge of the bed with your body at a 90 degree angle. Have your lady straddle your lap with her knees bent and her back facing you. This is one of the kama sutra sex tips that is perfect to enjoy while watching television.
  2. The Plough. Have your lady lay on her back, and you stand up and place her legs on your shoulders. This kama sutra sex tip is perfect for deeper penetration into the vagina and works well with women who are flexible.
  3. Deep Dish. Lay your lady on her back on the edge of the bed, then you stand in between her legs (holding them around your waist) and go deep. This kama sutra sex tip works well for men who are well endowed.
  4. Side Saddle. Sit at a right angle position with your lady facing you. Let her sit in your lap with her legs on one side of your waist and her hands on the other side.  Hold onto her tight and go at it. This sex tip works well with women who have upper body strength.
  5. Lazy Doggie. Have your lady get on all fours then relax the front end of her body into a low crawl position then get behind her on your knees, enter her and relax your body on top of her. This is one of the laziest kama sutra sex tips and good for people with bad knees.
  6. The Butterfly. Lay flat on your back with your legs straight out. Have your lady straddle and position herself in an upright position. This kama sutra sex tip is used for when you get tired and let her do all of the work.
  7. Classic 69. Either you or your lady can get on top. The one on the bottom must lay on his back while the other is on top facing the feet to give each other oral pleasure. This is one of the oldest kama sutra sex tips.
  8. Reverse Spoon. Have your lady to lay on her side with the lower leg straight and the upper leg bent at the knee. You lay in the same position except face the opposite direction. Take her upper leg and place it on your thigh and enter her.
  9. Longbow. Have your lady lie on her back with her left leg straight and her right leg bent. Get on your knees and straddle her straight leg and enter her. This sex tip puts a twist on the missionary position.
  10. Raised Missionary. Have your lady lay on her back with her heels off the edge of the bed. Stand in between her legs and lift her up by the pelvis and dive in.  This is one of the best kama sutra sex tips for tall men.
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