10 Kayak Fly Fishing Tips

Here are 10 kayak fly fishing tips. Fly fishing from a kayak requires a number of different tips in order for people to enjoy doing it. Otherwise they are liable to capsize their kayak and lose their equipment or just not catch anything. A handful of different things should be kept in mind when setting out to fish in this method, which is efficient in the sense that it allows you more freedom to move to the proper place to try and catch your fish. The better you follow these tips, the better time you will have fishing from a kayak.

  1. Become an excellent kayaker. As this is your only mode of transport around the water, kayaking should be second nature to you, so you really only have to focus on one thing: fishing.
  2. Learn to cast your fly fishing rod sitting down. Seriously, practice this, as you'll be sitting down in your kayak on the water. Practice casting without moving to much of your body so that there is less of a chance you will capsize your kayak when you are out on the water.
  3. Make sure your equipment floats. If in the off-chance you do capsize the kayak, it will be much worse if you lose your rod, your reel and your flies, then if you all simply get wet. Purchase cases that float or wrap these pieces of equipment in foam so they will float when submerged.
  4. Don't be afraid to get out. If the water is shallow enough to stand in and fly fish effectively, get out of your kayak and chase the fish that way. The kayak will serve as a place to store all of your gear, as necessary.
  5. Bring an anchor. This will keep your kayak in place, especially when you are out of it. You don't want a breeze to take your kayak on down the river without you.
  6. Less is more. Bring as little equipment as possible. Rather then a tackle box full of fly fishing lures, just bring the flies you expect to use over the course of the day. But them into your fisherman's cap and select from them that way.
  7. Install a rod holder. You will need a place to store your fishing rod when you are doing some paddling. These clips can be cheaply installed on the outside of a kayak.
  8. Floatation cushions are a good idea. Not only for safety but also for lower back support while you are sitting in the kayak, trying to stay upright while you cast reel and fish.
  9. Bring a stringer. You will need somewhere to store the fish you catch and the kayak is already tight enough. Allow this stringer to run off the side of the kayak so that the fish can stay with you but also underwater.
  10. Bag another set of clothes. You're definitely going to get wet and possibly cold when kayak fly fishing. So bringing a large plastic bag with an extra change of clothes or more layers is not a bad idea, especially in a fly fishing location which has inclement weather.
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