10 Kayak Touring Tips

Deciding on 10 kayak touring tips is difficult because everyone has their own way of doing things when it comes to their equipment, boats and tours. There are some agreed upon things however, that every kayaker should know to be the best boater you can be.

  1. Choose the right boat. Not all kayaks are created equal, some will be great for you and some will be all wrong. You have to know what you like and dislike about kayaking and what you’re interested in doing before moving forward with purchasing a kayak. If you’re wanting to tour, one of the best kayak touring tips you can get is to get a boat specially geared toward touring.
  2. Pick your paddle. Another of the best kayak touring tips you can get is related to the second most important thing to your boat: your paddles. Make sure you choose something with a strong arm connected to blades that won’t splinter or break if you hit something while touring around.
  3. Reflect on it. Make sure you add plenty of reflective piping to not just your life jacket, but also the blades of your paddle and the entire perimeter of you boat; it’s a kayak touring tip that is meant for your safety.
  4. Deck line knot. Secure a floatable line to the bow and run it back coiling it in your cockpit. At the end tie a large bowline knot, this acts as an easy handle or as something to drop over a rock or a dock when docking your boat.
  5. Duct Tape. The fixer of all things, and it’s no exception here.  One of the best kayak touring tips anyone can give you is simply this: don’t leave home without your duct tape!
  6. Whistles. Always have a great whistle with you, and not just one, but several! Put them all over your gear and in your clothes so you have plenty of options should you loose one, two or even three!
  7. Safety first! When purchasing your gear, clothes and tarps an important kayak touring tip is to make sure to buy in bright colors. Red is not the best choice as it looses visibility over a long distance, instead opt for neon orange, yellow and lime.
  8. Emergency signals. Another of the kayak touring tips meant for your safety is this one. Make sure you brush up from time to time on your ground to air emergency signals. If you are afraid you’ll forget them jot them down with a laundry marker on the inside of your PDF.
  9. Short equipment strap. Keep straps short on cameras and any other equipment you’re carrying around on the water. The puddle in your spray skirt will be the death of any electronics if you allow them to venture in. A great kayak touring tip is to keep them high and dry by replacing long straps with short ones.
  10. Man’s best friend. Everything is more fun with your pup along, and that goes for kayak touring. These kayak touring tips are for you and for him: make sure you have some traction on the floor of your boat so your pup doesn’t slip and fall into a dangerous situation, keep him on a leash for his safety and make sure to train him around water from the time he is a pup. There’s no reason he can’t join you but you’ll want to make sure he is as safe as you are!
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